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Got a couple mails for TOS team about this person. Which is how this was found so quickly. Thank you both for your swift action in protecting the original author from this person.

You know, plagiarism in and of itself is reprehensible. But to steal from someone who passed away two years ago?? Just how LOW can people go? <_<

I'm going to make a couple posts to this topic, as I have quite a few screens....

First, let's get in to the identity theft portion..

The original author, at a different archive


Here is the thief's profile (he/she had modified after being reported from Caliban to the original author's pen name)


Here is this cretin's profile AFTER I did a bit of db record modification (restored the original pen name)


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On to the stories....

Story the first

Please note the original publication date. 1996


Stolen version

Verbatim copy.


Story the second

Original story


Stolen version

Again, notice it is indeed word for word, like the first one


Finally, the last one that this "ahem" person posted

Original story


Stolen version

Again, verbatim copy


I'm sure I'm belaboring the obvious here, but...whoever you REALLY are Caliban, you are not welcome here. Not ever.

WHAT were you thinking?? That, perhaps, someone wouldn't notice where you got the stories from?

Thank you, once again, to the sharp eyed members who found this and sent it on to us to be handled.

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