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Romaine (FAKE)


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This one not only took someone else's work and passed it off as their own, they tried to pass THEMSELVES off as the author they stole from. Isn't that special? :)

Take a look at the user's AFF profile. He/she created a login using SOMEONE ELSE'S pen name, in order to post that very person's story. Mind you, the original author who was plagiarized, is well known in this fandom as herself, at other archives where she publishes. As one can see by the screen caps, quite obviously as well, this person simply ripped Romaine's work from another site before posting it here.


Here's what was changed from the real author's profile...

  • Age of the children, changed from 5 and 10, to 4 and 9
  • Pets-changed from two dogs and one cat, to two dogs.

Other than that, the profile listed by the fake Romaine (the REAL Romaine is romaine24, here and Romaine elsewhere), is verbatim to the real user's profile on her LJ.

The work that was stolen was NEVER posted here. It was posted at two archives specific to the fandom.

Interestingly enough, this user who wanted to take credit for someone ELSE'S work, has shown minimal activity here. It appears the whole purpose of signing into OUR archive was to plagiarize the author, as the author has never posted here in the first place.

Thankfully, we have users who spotted the problem, notified us as to the problem, as well as notifying the author who was plagiarized. She ALSO got in touch with us about this, and provided me with much in the way of screencaps which cut down my work load for this particular problem. :D

For your viewing pleasure--

The original story



The plagiarized version



Notice there is almost NO change at all. The changes that were made were -

This story has 101 chapters, and has appeared on this site and other sites, but was never fully beta'd.

the original story says-

his story has 101 chapters, and has appeared on other sites, but was never fully beta'd. Obsidian Phoenix, Scully, and Ky did help me out graciously in the later chapters. CDumbledore took it upon himself to beta the story in its entirety. So this will be the first posting of DES in its beta'd form. Thanks, CD, I can't thank you enough.

Other than that, what was uploaded here was a verbatim copy.

The fake has been deleted, and is not welcome to return here. EVER.

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