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  1. Happy Birthday Harry Month! Join me in writing as much Harry Potter Fanfiction as possible with happy endings for the month of July and the uploading it (at least the first chapter) on 31.July for Harry's Birthday!

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    2. draechaeli


      @Daye: I am unsure of what you speak... I have ended many a fic and most in a Happy-ish mannor

      @Kerantli: it is this thing that occasionally occurs in fanfiction and the rest of the world

      And really by Ending I meant just don't plan on making Harry depressed and suicidal that is not a good birthday present

    3. Daye


      sorry draechaeli, that comment of mine was directed at JayDee. Who is renowned for horrific fics.

    4. BronxWench


      JayDee and happy endings are not often associated together, this is true! But who am I to talk?