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    Rain Misoa
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    In Cloud's Pants!
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    I like writing, reading, anime, manga, video games, music, learning different languages, donuts, Japanese & Egyptian Cultures, and Cloud Strife of course! XD
  1. PorcupineCuty

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Lizette & - Crush U (I shouldn't be up at 5:11 A.M. In fact, I should be in bed... but I can't get away from the computer! XD)
  2. PorcupineCuty

    Count To Infinity

    7424 Whoo! Look at that bugger go! XD Seeing him do that makes me want to go "Squee!"
  3. PorcupineCuty

    Count To Infinity

    7422 I agree! I would do a happy dance if I was able to make it up to infinity! (However, dancing with a plushie does seem to be rather intriguing. XD)
  4. PorcupineCuty

    What rewards you as a writer?

    I feel that the rewards I recieve from being a writer is being able to entertain someone. Even if I don't entertain an entire group. As long as someone is entertained, I feel accomplished. I also like being able to create something out of just a few ideas from my head and then being able to get it all down on paper or typed up on my computer. Really, I find almost anything that comes with writing rewarding. After years have passed from a fic that I have written, it's always nice to go back to them and read them just to see how my writing style has changed from then to now.
  5. PorcupineCuty

    Count To Infinity

    7420 (Thought that I should join the fun! XD)
  6. PorcupineCuty

    Love it or Hate it?

    I'm going to start by saying please keep it professional. If you want to display your opinions on it then do it in a civilized manner. The last thing I want is to offend someone who disagrees with another person. Okay... with that said... I'll tell you want I feel about it! To tell you the truth, I had fun playing the games. Yes. KH, KH:CoM, and KHII. It was entertaining and kept me busy when I felt I had nothing to do. The voice acting I found to be tolerable and the graphics weren't bad either. (Even the CoM one. XD) But, like with ever game I play, I do have my complaints. First, it has to be the way they portrayed Cloud in the first one. I seriously LOVE Cloud. (I bet you couldn't tell. XD) I know that Cloud has his faults and maybe that's why I'm attached to him because I know he's not perfect. However, did anyone else noticed that in KH they made him seem like a pathetic little wimp? I mean, come on, how in the world could he defeat a badass like Sephiroth and yet go down by a frickin' dog? >_< It makes no sense to me. That reall irked me the wrong way when I saw it. Another complaint is the way they pronounced Tidus' name in KH as well. Okay, I know that in various trailers they also pronounce it as Tee-Dus but I really dislike that name. I much more prefer Tie-Dus. It sounds better and it makes him sound more cool (Even if he is a doofus. XD) then with Tee-Dus which make him sounds like he wets himself every night. XP However, KHII did change his name to be pronouced the way I like it so YAY FOR YOU!!! XD KH: CoM made my head spin a little. I hate the whole card battle system. It really got annoying really quickly and that's usually a bad sign for a game. >_< I still enjoyed myself but I think if those blasted cards weren't there, I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more. On the plus side, I got to control Riku which was fun. Much better to handle than with Sora. XD I have not finished playing KHII but it seems to be decent enough. I have my complaints already, like how the hell they would introduce Auron only to take him away five minutes later!? " I'm not sure if he appears again. All i know is he better or I might go rabid. (I know, fangirls must die. XD). I felt like a child who just had her favorite plush toy taken away from her. T_T Anyway, if you read the description that's in the strategy guide (I read it and it pissed me off), you will see that they still bash on Cloud. I mean, what's wrong Squeenix? Have something against the blode that you always have to bring him down? This is why he has been really Emo as of late. I would be Emo too if I had to work for such a company! >_< XD I'm only kidding. I do love Square-Enix. I just wish they would stop messing with Cloud so much. T_T Well, once I finish playing KHII I will give more details about what I like/hate about the game. In the mean time, I'll just chat with you here and see what you guys have to say about the product. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you want to have cheese with it? Please give me your thoughts on it! XD
  7. PorcupineCuty

    Rain's Oasis

    Hello everyone! I'm Rain Misoa. I intorduced myself in the Introduce Yourself Thread so maybe some of you already know me. I decided to create this journal because I just love writing and I sometimes feel I need to release some stress by just muttering nonsense. I have journals all over the place. The one that's recently updated is the one on Gaia but that was like... months ago. XD Gaia has become somewhat annoying so I don't go there anymore. Probably the main reason I decided to make one here! Although, I don't anyone on here will read it, I still feel the need to type! Which brings me to my first topic to rant about. XD I've noticed that hardly anyone comes on the forums. I know everyone have lives and that I'm really new so maybe not many people have been on whilst I was on but still... it seems a pretty abandon place. I've noticed maybe one or two people that come on fequently but the others.... they all go POOF! >_< It really makes me sad. I like talking to people and getting to know them. I would love to talk about fanfiction with them. Especially about these adult ones. Although, I'm really new at writing these sorts of stories, I'm still fascinated by what others have written and whi knows? Maybe by chatting with others and getting their point of view of things, I can learn how to become a better writer when it comes to such topics. I've also noticed that there's not many fics on this site. Yeah, there's a lot for like Final Fantasy, Bleach, Naruto, and whatnot but there aren't any for ones less known. >_< I understand that the ones I've listed are really popular but I will still like to see some for the ones less known. Just a thought. Still, there are some good ones for the popular ones. Not all are crummy. WHOO!!! Anywho, I think I've come to the end of my rant about the site in general. XD I'm going to make these journal entries whenever possible. I would like to do them daily but with starting to go to my first job next week, I probably won't have a lot of time to do one. I won't even have enough time to write my fics. >_< but I will try and I will update whenever I get a free moment. Thanks for reading to all those who did. I hope we can have creative discussions in a civilized manner. Adios!
  8. PorcupineCuty


    I think an Uke Sephiroth is a sexy Sephiroth! XD I do sometimes think that it is better for him to be on top but hey, once in a while, it's best for him to switch roles. Besides, I would just love to see that man moan. XD I've yet to read a fic with a good Uke Sephiroth though. I think I'll drop by on yours to see how everything is going.
  9. PorcupineCuty

    Yaoi Anyone?

    I have a few favorites! I really like Sensative pornograph but then again... who doesn't? XD Enzai was also pretty good. The anime anyway. I've never played the game so I can't say. Sukisho was an excellent anime! I watched all of the episodes in one day! I was hooked as soon as I saw the first episode! XD
  10. PorcupineCuty

    What's Your Fav Inu Story?

    Oh wow... it's been a while for me. I remember reading a pretty good one like... four years ago. XD But I haven't read any recently. I think I should start searching for new fics. Specifically with Sesshomaru in them. XD
  11. PorcupineCuty


    Wow! I think that's great you guys! I've always wanted to learn Japanese and although I can speak it a little bit, I can't read it for the life of me. >_< Still, I would love to be friends with you and I can practice my Japanese.
  12. PorcupineCuty

    Have you ever been so horny . . .

    That's true. Fanfiction does require you to use the inner workings of your mind! XD I always get in the mood when I have to use my brain! X3 However, it did suck when I had to use it for math and then, "Oops! There I go again! >_<" XD
  13. PorcupineCuty

    Bad Titles

    For me, titles don't really bother me. No matter how corny they may seem. XD I really go by what the actual story is about because you could have a really crappy title but the story could be well-written and quite entertaining.
  14. PorcupineCuty


    Hmm.... I'm not entirely sure. I think he would be pretty good with Hanatarou. It just seems that he would be on top when it came down to those two. >_> It actually sounds yummy. XD
  15. PorcupineCuty

    Have you ever been so horny . . .

    Why, yes. I have been that horny before! XD But there's not much I can do about it. I've never had anyone that i was serious about and I still don't so... me being horny is going to last a LONG time. XP Well, it's like what Zyx said. there's always fanfiction to make your night seem more pleasurable. XD