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  1. dragonsfae

    looking for teen wolf fic

    im searching for a story where stiles and derek were dating and derek was in sports and totally in the closet. his manager or something was kate argent and she leaked that he was gay. derek thought stiles did and broke up w/ him. allison found out it was kate and she took him to confront her. they get back together in the end
  2. dragonsfae

    looking for hg/ss fic

    hermione was in the time of the mauraders growing up there. there was this thing were the thing you want the most shows on your wrist snapes almost always said lily. james was asking hermione questions about lily and lily thinks shes going after james so lily gets snape to date her because hermione is in love w/ snape. hermione takes a knife to her mark on the wrist due to the depression/anger of it all. she and snape get together in the end. i THINK it may have been on a03 any ideas?
  3. dragonsfae

    looking for a sabriel fic

    the story im looking for has cas and gabriel as cops and they are assigned to watch sam due to him witnessing a crime. he goes into heat and eventually mates gabriel. dean comes into the picture as they go out of town to hide sam from the villain of the story. dean had been captured and held captive before managing to escape with a lot of info. they win the court case and sam has a kid. anyone have a clue?
  4. dragonsfae

    Looking for avengers post cw story

    found it https://archiveofourown.org/works/12469952/chapters/37711757#workskin
  5. dragonsfae

    looking for tw fic

    im looking for a fic where stiles is a lion. the argents went into hiding and met up w/ the hales figured things out and came to becon hills. someone got bitten and the hales want them in their pack but they refuse. i think kira jacson scott and lyida were all in stiles pack. im pretty sure kira and jackson get held captive with chris argent and peter hale. one of the phones ring w/ a song from the lion king? and soon after stiles in full furry form burst in to save his pack mates (pride mates?) anyone know this one cus its driving me crazy. thanks
  6. I'm looking for a story where Everett ross is trying to get the avengers back in country. He's talking to Tony who points out how he was healed courtesy of wakanda and that his speech sounds like Nat had a hand in it. Any clue? Thanks
  7. dragonsfae

    looking for a fantastic beasts story

    i am looking for a story that has tina wanting original percival graves and newt showing her exactly why that will never happen. help please?
  8. dragonsfae

    Looking for a SG-1 fic

    its on the wild hare project http://wildhareproject.com/of-dreaming-spires-chapter-1-into-the-seasonless-world/
  9. dragonsfae

    looking for tony stark fic

    the story im looking for has tony stopping funding from shield. i know it is VERY vague but thats really all i recall. any ideas?
  10. dragonsfae

    Looking for tw sterek fic

    I'm looking for a story in which stiles and Derek are mates but still young. The sleep together then Derek gets together with Kate using the justification that it's just for now and stiles will be learning like that with someone else too. Stiles finds out and leaves town with a note for his dad. Everyone pretty much gives up on him a few years later as no one can find him. Wolves seeking sanctuary come by and a pack member recognizes him as stiles mate. Any clue?
  11. dragonsfae

    hunting teen wolf fic

    im looking for Pack Animals Series by Katsuko. i cant seem to find it or several other ones by the same author. help?
  12. dragonsfae

    supernatural fic

    im looking for a story in the supernatural verse. something happens idk what but god comes back and sees sam, realizes that sam is his first child. he created angels for sam to have a family while he had sam waiting in a box (or something) but forgot about him. he threw the leviathans in there thinking it was empty then they tried to eat sam. no clue what happened and how he is NOT in the box any longer. not sure what happened after the explanations but i recall god is insistent that dean help him w/s sam and dean wanted pie and his car. any clue?
  13. dragonsfae

    looking for a supernatural fic

    im looking for a supernatural fic w/ the pairing of sam and gabriel. at some point in it the confrontation w/ lucifer happens at the hotel and gabriel kills him. he gets upset w/ sam about it. then he heads to vegas and gets drunk for… awhile. meanwhile sam is suffering his own emotions from gabriel being upset at him as well as a feedback of some kind from a bond he didnt know about w/ gabriel. cas goes hunting and brings gabriel back and round about that time same who’s mental heath is REALLY not that healthy due to the bond issue manages to summon gabriel to a circle of holy fire in his sleep w/ a dream root thing. he thinks gabriel had been giving him blood or drugging him or something. gabriel burns the heck out of his arm on the holy fire trying to get to sam when he realizes how messed up sam is. and thats about all ive got on it any ideas?
  14. dragonsfae

    looking for a darcy lewis story

    im looking for a darcy story where she had been involved with steve and bucky. something happens and they pull away from her. she takes it for a while then she finally has enough and leaves. not long after that fthey realize they havent paid her much attention for a while so they go looking and find shes gone. thats it… so any ideas?
  15. dragonsfae

    looking for a ried thor story

    i think the story im looking for is called a long way to fall? not really sure on the title but i know the pairing was reid/thor. reid was actually loki's brother and thors husband before taking a dive off the bifrost and winding up outside gideon's cabin. thor finds him in the aftermath of new york and wants his hubby back. any help?