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    Drawing, Linux, Open Source, Programming, Scripting, Video Encoding, Cartoons, Writing, Japanese. Favorite Cartoons series in particular: My Life as a Teenage Robot, Hey Arnold, Ruby Gloom, Invader Zim.

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  1. I know you are busy and I totally understand, but I’m just giving a gentle nudge to ask you not to forget about me. :-)
  2. I can pick another password if we want. My email is @gmail, if that helps.
  3. Thanks for looking into this. I cleared my cache and cookies, then I went to here ( I used the center login area. I entered my email and password. It then prompted me to update my information. I tried entering the following First Name: S Last Name: Rax Date of Birth: 1973-09-01 Pen Name: Nicolai But the same problem happened again. I hit the Update button, it loads the page again and nothing happens. UPDATE: I also realize I have never received any sort of Activation email for my account, even after resetting my password a few times. (I have checked my spam folder.) Could this be related to the problem?
  4. Thank you. Is there any update to this situation?
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. Today I just tried resetting my password again. I made sure the password was only letters and number, with NO punctuation, NO spaces, and NO special characters. I even made sure it was less than 12 but more than 8 characters long. I was also careful about it being case-sensitive. My email is It still did not work. When I try to log in, it just puts me back at the main page like I did not login. I still need some help.
  6. I am unable to Update my Account? (I tried following the instructions here ) I went here , cleared my cache & cookies, started a new private window just to be sure, reset my password, then proceeded to update my account details. After filling out: First Name (Alphabetic characters and - only.) Last Name (Alphabetic characters and - only.) Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd) Pen Name (Alphabetic characters and - or _ only.) I hit the Update button, it loads the page again and nothing happens. I’ve tried sending an email to but I have not got any reply. Can someone help me reach the support staff?