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  1. Yeah, plus could you imagine the look on Kuwa's face if Shizuru and Yukina got together?
  2. I think pairing bashing is pretty stupid. I'll write it if it makes sense. (Although there was a time when I was a fandom n00b, and all I wrote was Kurama/Hiei because I mistakenly thought it was canon. Oh GOD, I'm so embarassed to look at those fics now...) I like Kurama/Yusuke...even better with Keiko involved. A part of me is reluctant to see Keiko lose the love she's worked so hard to get, poor girl. But Kurama and Yusuke definitely have chemistry... I hate to sound like a pimp for my own OTP, but why does the canon m/m get ignored in favor of Kurama/Hiei? *points to avatar* I personally think that Itsuki and Sensui are ten thousand different kinds of awesome. (Maybe it's because I'm a dude, and not a girl who likes bishies? I dunno.)
  3. Personally, I think that anyone who's picked up on the similarities between YYH and Bleach, and writes x-over for them, is made of win.
  4. My pairing to end all pairings is Itsuki/Sensui. Granted, I like Sensui with some other guys, but still...I love them to absolute death. My favorite gay male pairing in any fandom, anywhere. I also dig Yusuke/Keiko, Hiei/Mukuro, and any and all YYH yuri pairings.
  5. Agreed. You could explore Hiei and Mukuro's relationship through sex, or as a mother/son sort of bond. (Wow, I'm saying this, and I ship them...)
  6. AWESOME. I really hate when they smear him because he doesn't fit into their little gay/bishie stereotype box. If only YYH fandom had more bara fanboys...I've been trynig to drag them away from being Narutards, but it seems they won't budge...*sigh*
  7. I can name all seven, yaaay! (Only four appeared in canon though. The rest were what Togashi said in an interview.) Shinobu- original personality Minoru- orator Kazuya- sadistic thug with gun in arm Naru- female personality; cries a lot, is otherwise gentle Hitoshi- in charge of animals Makoto- in charge of cooking and cleaning the house George- weapons expert
  8. Yeah, Gourmet scares me. He's just there to give Elder Toguro a home, LOL. I'm more with Minoru and Hagiri getting along, but hey, that's just me, because they're who interact in canon. Itsuki would at least learn to put up with or appreciate Sensui's other personalities that he's not in love with. He just seems like that kind of guy...
  9. I'd like to know- just curious as to why you think this. And you are right, Kuwa IS hard to ship, even though I want to....
  10. You forgot some (major) pairings, dear. Yaoi Pairings as Follows: Sensui/Itsuki *canon* Shishiwakamaru/Suzuki Touya/Jin Karasu/Kurama *usually noncon* Yuri Pairings as Follows: Atsuko/Shizuru Mukuro/Shizuru Mukuro/Natsume Rui/Hina Shizuru/Keiko Keiko/Yukina Keiko/Botan
  11. I have a question. Why are there so few femmeslash fics for YYH? You have awesome, AWESOME females. Tell me why this is not so... Okay, I don't care who's banging who (as long as it makes sense), but I would love some yuri in YYH. (Especially Shizuru/YUkina, Atsuko/Shizuru, and Mukuro/Natsume.)
  12. Hello there, everyone! I'm a huge Seven nerd. My favorite member (as well as my favorite anime character of ALL TIME) is Sensui, and my favorite pairing (of ALL TIME for male/male) is Sensui/Itsuki (YAAAY dysfunctional canon gay!). I also like any combination of Sensui/Hagiri/Kamiya (yes, I went there), and, to an extent, Mitarai/Amanuma. (Even though I'm pretty sure Mita likes girls- why else would he defect?) If you are not yet familar with Seven goodfic, may I refer you to: Black and Blue- Very VERY good Sensui/Itsuki. I have read this hundreds of times... (And I hate to brag, but...people tell me my fic is pretty good as well.)
  13. I miss the Kuwa writers as well. And I can see your points about Yusuke and Kuwa as a pairing, but a part of me is more inclined towards Yusuke/Keiko. *sigh* Ah well, we can't have it all... But your reasoning is very sound. I'm very proud of you for putting a coherent reason together for why you like YuKuwa instead of "OMG THEY R BOTH SO HOT!!!1!".
  14. Hey, I'm Sir Psycho Sexy, real name Armand. I'm 25, a grad student in translation, fluent in Spanish, Japanese, and German. I'd say I'm about a 5 on the Kinsey scale, and I like m/m, f/f, m/f, and any orgy combination (including transpeople) porn. I try to be original and acccurate in my fap material, LOL. Also a huge metalhead and an even huger fan of Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho. Most of my fic here is Yu Yu Hakusho and original fiction, but my cleanfic has a lot more fandoms in it. I want to expand beyond YYH in porn form, but I don't think I've watched enough Bleach to write hawt femmeslash for it. *sigh*