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  1. I wasn't sure where else to post this so I thought here but I'd really appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to fuse pictures, or make avatars. I really want to put two different characters from different animes together in one picture because I like them as a pair. Any help would be super appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. I wasn't sure where else to post this so I thought here but I'd really appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to fuse pictures, not so much make an avatar. I really want to put two different characters from different animes together in one picture because I like them as a pair. Any help would be super appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Ok this story was about neji and shikamaru being sent to the rain village on a mission where they lost use of their chakra and had to rely on each other to get home, I can't recall the title or author can anyone help? There was also a neji.shika fic where they're on a missiona nd neji gets kidnapped by human trafficers (I don't know if thats a real word but you know like selling people for sex) and shikamaru gets chouji and ino to pretend to be a couple looking to buy a guy so they can help shikamaru get neji back. Thats about all I remember though and it was really good only a few chapters last I knew and that was like years back so if anyone knows anything about it help please
  4. I've got a few ok 1.A story where Neji is either blind or deaf and paired with either (sasuke,naruto,shikamaru,kakashi,itachi or lee) as the interest, lover, caretaker whatever. 2. A Neji/Itachi fic, about them meeting after Neji runs away from the clan he bumps into Itachi in a nearby village with Kisame they just finished a mission and for some reason Itachi wants to keep Neji with them so they knock him out and take him to one of their abandoned hideouts and well you take it from there. 3.Last one any sasuke/neji/itachi or sasuke/neji or neji/itachi or neji/kakashi because its so rare and I think in some ways they would work together any of those pairs in any story would be awsome. I've seen one or two out there and they just weren't good enough, good but not great. I can't write myself so I shouldn't talk but I love reading and they're like my fav characters so. Anyways thanks for whomever takes any of these challenges you'll have my appreciation and grattitude and praise forever.
  5. Ok I've read this story once years ago maybe 3 or 2 years and it was incomplete. I can't recall the title or author name, sorry but I can give a description. Neji was being held by sex or slave traders in another village. Shikamaru with Ino and Chouji's help (they pose as a married couple looking for a servant boy to give the information to Shikamaru) Once they know who's selling Neji Shikamaru rescues him but ends up caught himself, and they are both forced to "perform" with two other boys infront of people. Thats all I remember, on epart really stuck out when Neji was standing nakedin this shop for customers to pick and choose who they wanted. I'd like to know if it was ever updated or completed so if anyone can help me that'd be super sweet I'd really appreciate it. And I'm still searching for that Neji imprisoned by Orochimaru so he could take his byakugan and rapes Neji in the process. Its a oneshot completed so if you come across it please let me know. Thanks in advance
  6. STOP YOUTUBE!!! For your information, Youtube is getting rid of all Anime videos.Every night at 10:00p.m. they have a maintenence that deletes any videos that are Anime...To stop Youtube from doing this, You need to get enough people to Protest...To do this, please help by Copying and Pasting this message to all of the Anime Videos from being deleted or anywhere else you go this isn't a minor problem it's huge I mean it's called youtube shouldn't you be able to put what YOU want at yourtube if enough of us can come together to get the real youtube back we can all watch all the anime we need which in turn helps you find new anime for your writing pleasure. So if you know how to start an online protest get it started and invite everyone you know and a few you don't to sign it and help complain to youtube so they can stop killing anime.
  7. I have that problem. I can usually get out a first chapter but its the next 3 or 4 where I get stuck rewriting them over and over and once that phase ends I get lots on how to keep it going without giving too much or too little. It makes me a slow writer and updater I can't stand it. Any advice? How do you know if a story plot is moving along too quickly or too slowly?
  8. Since forever I've been a Youko kurama and Hajime Saitou fan. I think they'd make an awsome pairing in a crossover but I'm so slow with writing that I might never get to this idea so if anyone feels they can handle it or wanna try I'm desperate for the pair I'll take anything. Plot bunny: Starts in YYH world after the final episode tournament stuff, a portal to demon world is being closed but its a little messed up from whatever, over use lets say and for some reason Kurama is using it and gets his youko form pulled out of himself and the youko gets sent back into rurouni kenshin time. He finds his way at the kamiya dojo first makes friends with them mostly Sanosuke and because of Sano he eventually meets Saitou, who's already been found out that he's not dead. So the two clique chemistry wise and yada yada thats as far as my idea goes. I know its vague and I suck at descriptions and hopefully I'll get around to writing it myself if not it'd be awsome if someone else tried or even a one shot just about youko and saitou would be great I don't care what the plot is I'm desperate!
  9. I tried this before and got nothing so I figured I'd be more specific. But I'm going from memory of a year or two ago so bare with me. It was a one shot possibly au but still within the Naruto relm. Sasuke got away from orochimaru and orochimaru kidnapped Neji instead and had him chained up in a cell. He was keeping Neji so he could take his byakugan from him. There's a rape I think and alot of talk about Neji and his freedom. I wish I could remember the author and title but it was a really good fic and an interesting pairing that I kinda like so I'd like to read it again but it seems to have disappeared. If anyone can help me please do I'd really appreciate it. And if the story isn't here at AFF if anyone finds it at some other site I'd appreciate that too. Still looking myself.
  10. There used to be a fic posted here it was a one shot, Orochimaru and Neji story. Sasuke escaped Orochimaru and Neji was taken in his place, he had Neji jailed and would "visit" him onc ein awhile, he wanted to take Neji's eyes. I only remember the plot but not the author or title. I read it here sometime last year and now its seems to have disappeared. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me find it again.
  11. Now I don't get that if the readers have the time and energy to search for stories then sit and read them why not review too? I get the lazy thing but is anyone that lazy. It really does make you feel like they have nothing good or bad to say instead of just being lazy and when the same reader comes back to continue the story if its updated, why don't they review then? I can't believe anyone is that lazy its a tired excuse if you ask me. But hey I'm just glad people read my stuff period whether they review or not I'm just saying I'd prefer some reviews but most of my stuff isn't uploaded here yet.