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  1. [ - ] =/= [ - ] Good way of dealing with things.
  2. I've seen worse. Much, much worse. This was just boring. But "Cernel" gets on my nerves pretty badly.
  3. Watch the car have been stolen, or they were uninsured, or illegal immigrants, or...
  4. Ah :3 Gotcha. *writes that down for the future* >_<
  5. Because knowing Dutch and German means you have more expertise on judging if they sound bad or not? And yes, yes I did. I believe you have bad taste. I also believe it's ridiculously easy to get you worked up enough to spout "Fuck You." Or that you're pretty trigger happy with it. Oh and, by the way. I said your taste was bland, not bad
  6. I think the majority of deviantART would disagree with you. But I figured you meant people don't like it, it just seemed strange to term it as racist.