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  1. Inuyasha is the only fandom I'll read anymore, I tried reading some s-CRY-ed and Trigun, but it's just not the same. xD

    I'm going to make a thread now, because of something that I just remembered.

  2. Love when that stuff happens. Especially when it makes no sense, and you sit there trying to figure out what the person is talking about and then they go, sorry wrong box :D

    oh, and random, i like Inuyasha. my first taste of fanfiction was Inuyasha actually.

  3. Um, I'm good, just chatting with my girlfriend. Who's apparently going to meet her friend Megan for something. (At 9PM, in the snow. >> Weird.) She typed it into the wrong MSN window. xD

  4. Haha, being blown over is a strong possibility in my home town, in fact when I was a bit younger, maybe twelve... The wind was so strong one day, during my walk, I was actually frozen in my tracks, I was trying to move forward but the wind was so hard it was almost knocking me on my ass. It's one of those days where you can just open your arms and let yourself drop forward, and you'll

  5. Yes, here the wind is blowing things over. My friends made a joke, that due to my skinny nature, I'd blow away. Then, someone had to take the word "blow" and turn it into something else, leading the conversation into...well you can guess :]

  6. Thanks. I'm pretty sure it'll snow again tomorrow. (We had a white out today, heavy snow and 20-30MPH winds.)

    I'll take a bunch more tomorrow. xD

  7. I like your snow pictures. I miss the snow.

  8. are you serious? no Wolfie you're not wrong for blowing up at her, thats some, for lack of better words, bullshit. its almost like some reviewers act like writers don't have lives outside of the website. i mean, its okay to want a fast update, but sometimes thats not always possible, even I know this with my constant busy schedule, but that is ridiculous. oh and I'm sorry for the loss of your father.
  9. hmm, the strangest place i've had sex. well there is two that come to mind. once with my ex boyfriend in the woods while camping. there were lots of other people in the campsite, and i'm sure people heard him :/ it actually didn't fan out well with the other people, especially since it seemed there were a few homophobes. but i enjoyed the sex anyway and then, in my ex boyfriend's attic in his parents house. it was weird, because of all the odd things up there. including this doll that had the creepiest eyes ever.
  10. I think my writers block, is self induced. For I, know what I want to do, have good ideas, then I start writing and get lazy, and quit. It's very horrible too, but when I keep writing and I don't feel like it, the piece turns to crap. All I have to do is rid myself of laziness . . . oh how easy that will be
  11. I find that story disturbing. I've never been in a child abuse situation, but one of my friends is still living with her past, and to see them hurt, reminds me that some people don't deserve the title "parent" That's ridiculous that no one will do anything for those kids.
  12. oh how one taunts those who think...hey they're drawing dirty...ummm..wait! what?? lol very amusing
  13. I agree. It's slow, but it will pick up again.
  14. boobs, too big. well, i'd figure they're too big when they are disporportionate to the individual, and it causes a major rift in their appearence. also, maybe if its harming the person.