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  1. Shirotaka

    I Am...

    I am enjoying my day off. I am going to make some dinner now.
  2. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor -- Drowning Pool
  3. Because we're foolish mortals. Why?
  4. Shirotaka

    If I Were...

    I would kill all the heathens!!... Ahem.. sorry.. If I were a religious extremist..
  5. ^ gave a damn good suggestion as < has done absolutely nothing all day.
  6. Still 10/10 I would post some of my original artwork in my sig, but it is rather obnoxious and very extraneous.
  7. God works in mysterious ways. Many times in my life I have been positive if there was a God, it didn't like me. The Truth I came to realize is, no matter what happens that "messes up" your life, you still have your life. Every day I am alive, I feel blessed. Every time I see a kind face, I feel blessed. Every time I have a bite of something tasty, I feel blessed. Every time I look into the eyes of someone who cares, hear the voice of my mate or smell the crisp winter air, I feel truly blessed. Yes there are many many things we can all chose to be upset about, but in the end, we would not have those things to be upset about if we did not know the incredible goods this life has to offer us.
  8. Mystery is a fairly commonly misspelled word. Don't sweat it. As far as I'm concerned, your immense positive energy negates any spelling or grammatical errors. ^^
  9. Okie Dokie.. "Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel's life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted."
  10. H: Hera (Greek Goddess of Marriage and wife to Zeus)
  11. *deflects it with a hockey stick* *chucks a hockey puck*
  12. Shirotaka

    I Am...

    I am enjoying a day off in the middle of the week after twenty-four hours of work in the last two days. I am going to go get something to eat then watch some TV.
  13. Brash Angry Drunken Teenage Ocelots Undermine Capitalist Humans S H O W T U N E
  14. Animal I Have Become -- Three Days Grace
  15. Not Guilty.. foul stuff in there.. G/NG Lost a friend because you wouldn't help them save a failing relationship you knew was no good for them.
  16. Yeah I have to say 10/10. I love the custom picture.
  17. I have.. many. I have never taken a dance lesson.