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  1. My story, "Can't Get Enough" has been my most popular to date and my muse has moved on to other fics. I know how it is going to end but I just can't get there! And I am afraid of posting a lame chap because I don't want to disappoint my readers. Need advice on what to do in this situation. Any veteran InuYasha fic writers got any ideas on what to do? Or do I just wait for my muse to come back to this story again? I really want to finish it!
  2. Roxotaku

    What's Your Fav Pairing?

    InuYasha/Kagome, of course! The sexual tension is so there! I must have written over two dozen Inu/Kag lemons and I can't stop! Help! I think I need to start an "Addicted To Writing Inu/Kag Lemons Anonymus" thread.
  3. Roxotaku

    Kagome Disciplining Shippo.

    Wow this thread is like synchronicity! In my last chapter of one of my current WIP fics ("Can''t Get Enough") Kagome puts Shippo in his place. Someone (not on this site) gave me a review that she liked that Kagome did that! I was just going with the way the characters are in the anime and for the sake of character development in my story, and because I also felt Shippo shouldn't get away with so much, I had Kagome clonk him in the head! He he!