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    I can look back and trace a lot of how/what I write to LJ Smith and Richie Tankersley Cusick. As a preteen I was a die-hard fanatic and would examine for hours why I found their books so engaging despite the fact that I had more 'adult' books to play with. Also Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause. That one had a big impact on me.
  2. The story you're searching for is called Vitiosus. (Good memory on the name, even I sometimes have to look up how it's spelled.) I took it down because I was having difficulties with plagiarists and had no internet for over a year. Should hopefully have time to start reposting the chapters soon.
  3. My favorite color is silver, and second is white. Or to be specific a sparkly sort of white. Like sunlight on fresh snow.
  4. I think essentially that was what happened. Death by accident/neglect and then utter panicking and clumsy covering up. I live fairly close to the area where this is all going on and I swear, every day the mother comes in and then comes out of jail for one thing or other. Local news are monitoring the whole thing very closely. The sad thing is there's a good chance that even if she is guilty, she'll get away with it since there's no body yet.
  5. Entrisic


    -raises hand- It was always on the list of 'things to do', so a few months ago I picked up a deck and a few books. I remain a novice reader but I can sense the power they hold. Not otherwordly power, I'm not talking about magic or being psychic. I use them as tools to pry open unturned rocks in my mind, or doors that refuse to open - or that I won't LET myself open. The first thing I say when doing a spread for someone is "Do not ask a question you don't want answered." For example; one lady asked about what she should do in her situation. She was living with her ex-lover and had a new lover, but wanted to know if the tarot cards would tell her that it would be okay if she slept with both at the same time. You don't need a card with a picture on it to know that's not a good idea, but she was eager to fool herself into thinking it would be OK to do so if the cards suggested a favorable outcome. Often we know what action we should take, we just don't want to face up to it. So my way of using the tarot is not particularly mystical, but I believe learning how to use it has been one of the best choices of my life. On the other hand, it can get a bit scary when people want me to read for them. You can tell which ones truly, absolutely believe that 'possible outcome' that the cards suggest is carved in stone as if some divine being were giving them a summary of the future.
  6. My theory of why there are so few fics is basically the reason why I wouldn't write for them - which is that in both cannon and in fic, we have a lot of examples of how the interaction goes with Draco/Harry or Snape/Harry. Put Lucius and Harry together and try to make them smex each other without going OOC requires a tricky balance that I wouldn't attempt until I was more comfortable with my writing. Other than that, I dazzle over the good L/H fics out there. Such yummy goodness. I've been a L/H fan since drowsily getting out of bed and turning on the TV to see Lucius checking out Harry's scar in a promo for HP2. Nearly knocked me flat on my ass with the plot bunnies.
  7. Somehow I'm surprised there's not more people landing in Level 2. ;O I say we heretics pool our money together and build condos in Dis.
  8. Either way you go (stand ground or decide to set some sort of minimum age) I will support. Either option could bring forth unpleasant consequences and the target will be on your back. I have nothing helpful to say except to agree with the others, you should see if this 'concerned person' is legit before setting anything into motion.
  9. Entrisic

    I Am...

    I am eating Cheetos and tanning.
  10. I have never found black girls attractive either. But the fact that I'm not into girls might explain that. I have never worn pink.