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  1. The fic I'm looking for is a part of a series where Xander has been vamped, is happily evil and very much together with Spike. The particular part I want is a crossover with X-Files, wherein the team find the vamps out and investigate, only they get ambushed by the duo and are dragged to their hideout. If I remember correctly, at least Mulder and Scully (for some reason I think Skinner was involved as well?) watch in horror as Krycek joins in for a very hot and kinky threesome. I have no idea as to the author or the title (I can't even remember where the fic was hosted) of the fic, so any suggestions are warmly welcomed.
  2. Mourningstar

    Csi: new york slash

    Have you tried CSI Forensics, yet?
  3. That's a new one, and I'm used to trying to see the point in likes of most Turner Prize winners. xD Google time!
  4. I'd love to do that, but frankly, I'm not the person with the skills to do that. There are tons of LJ communities dedicated to drabbles and I'm sure you could find something to make you consider revising your statement. What I saw of those twitterfics, I'm reminded of Quizilla. If one's first introduction to fanfiction were the fics there, most prominent being poorly written and horribly spelled My Chemical Romance or Naruto (or whatever the kids are digging these days) daydreams, one might be rather hasty to draw the conclusion that all fanfiction sucks. As a venue it wasn't meant for stories, so most of the people with the talent for telling good stories tend not to wander there to tell them. I'd love to go for more whacky similes but I'll limit myself to one. A shot of whiskey or a keg of beer; it's all alcohol just like drabbles and epics are all stories. And belittling someone because they prefer the other is hardly cool. For the record, my short fics will stay up until such a time that I delete them for my own reasons or the site creates a rule about minimun lengths. Their lack of artistic value has *nothing* to do with word count, anyway.
  5. Microfics or drabbles are fun to write and, when done well, incredibly awesome to read. Personally, I'd rather read a hundred words that pack a punch, be it humour or emotional, than thousands upon thousands of poorly thought out, pointless and trailing words. "When done well" is the one condition to any sensible reading, unless one is just itching for an argument anyway. "Why waste talent on writing fanfiction when writing original fiction would make one a real author? Why write that pairing when this would be so much more popular?" I hope you're not deliberately being rude...
  6. Mourningstar

    Which Threequel is the best?

    I like a lot of those movies (and hate a few of them, too) but I had to go with Indy. It's one of my all-time favourite movies to the point where I've actually travelled to the locations it was set it, and I even went to Petra with my father.
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    Both deleted.
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    fic search

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    HP search

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    Maybe.. this isn't for me? in Anime > Misc anime Should be in Final Fantasy Sinless Blood in Anime > Misc Anime > Yaoi - Male/Male Should be in Anime > Misc Anime > Crossovers Bleached in Anime > Misc Anime > AU - Alternate Universe Should be in Bleach > Yuri - Female/Female In The Mist in Anime > Misc Anime > Yaoi - Male/Male Should be in Anime > Descendents of Darkness/Yami No Matsuei > Yaoi-Male/Male > Tsuzuki/Hisoka Slipping Through in Anime > . to F > FAKE Should be in Anime > Misc Anime > Crossovers 10 Naruto Drabbles in Anime > Misc Anime > Yaoi - Male/Male Should be in Naruto > Yaoi - Male/Male > Rock Lee/Gaara Dreams and Demons in Anime > Misc Anime > Yaoi - Male/Male Should be in Naruto > Yaoi - Male/Male > Gaara/Naruto We really need to find a way to stop this Misc. Anime abuse.
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    Deleted with extreme prejudice.
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    Whew. That lot is now in the virtual waste bin where it belongs. Thanks!
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    Good for you! It's always nicer to browse for fics without non-stories clogging up the listings. Those will be cleaned up when the archive clean-up crew gets to the Harry Potter section. The sub-categories will be properly organised and those floating fics will be placed accordingly. They've already worked their wonders in books and Buffy.