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  1. Wow that’s looks like a unique story line. Please share me the link.
  2. @InvidiaRed All unique, but suggest a single movie name. My story consists of all the 3 points.
  3. Your point is valid. I’ll consider it. Thank you
  4. Read up the points and suggest a movie name that will go with the points below. I want to add these ideas/prompts to create a fanfic. Any other suggestions are welcome too. One of the single male characters has a sudden realization while shaving that he hasn’t wrinkled a bit while he has stepped in his 40s. A couple of days later he finds out a little black feather growing from his scalp almost camouflaged with the rest of his hairs. Un-understandable whispers in an unknown language from the day an full length antique mirror was bought from a yard sale. After a drowning experience, a girl starts seeing an unusual dream regularly in pieces. She sees a bouquet of red lilies, a sparkly black skinned human-like creature with enormous rainbow colored wings and under ocean sceneries.
  5. Did you delete your story or is something wrong? Because the URL is showing no content.