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    Steven Universe NTR

    ven NTR. Connie has sex with Greg, Steven's dad, and this repeats for years. It begins during the third season, Connie wants to search for porn on the internet but she can't because of the parental control that her parents have, that bothers her a lot and the stress haunts her because she can't get any porn, one day she decides to help Steven clean up His father's truck finds some VHS tapes with no names on the label, only a number in Roman, Steven does not know what they are and when they are about to see him they call him for a mission and he leaves. She is left alone cleaning but curiosity overcomes her and she sees them, they were recordings of Greg and Rose having sex, the numbering was because the more she progresses on the tapes they become more extreme (it begins as normal sex, until reaching extreme anal sex) , this excites Connie because she finally gets the porn she wanted so much, but what most catches her attention is the size of Greg penis, it is long and thick, she hypnotizes her until she masturbates furiously imagining that penis, she takes the tapes but he can't see them at home because he doesn't have a vhs player, but he keeps the memory of Greg penis and thinks about it every night since. The events of the season progress normally and the sexual awakening of connie continues, to the point that she wants sex, she thinks about steven because she loves him and she thinks that she surely inherited her father's penis, she braces herself and gets into the shower while he bathes. He is singing and he does not hear that they enter the bathroom, connie looks at steven's penis and dissects because he is very small, he leaves without steven realizing it, the frustration returns because he cannot see the tapes and it is difficult for him to reach orgasm when he masturbates. When she decides to watch Greg to get into the truck (with the tapes) to see the videos again, she is caught and has a chat with Greg, it is uncomfortable but he understands her. For Greg who hasn't had sex since rose died (and living on a beach with many sexy women in sight hasn't helped at all). And now he has an exotic and sexually desirable teenager in his truck, he is killing him, because listening to how he masturbates every night thinking about his penis makes him very hard, this is noticed by Connie and he is courageous to ask her to have sex , that steven will never find out and that it will only be once to calm her down too. He has passionate sex, and although they said it would only be once, this continues to happen more and more, and as with rose, sex evolves to its extreme, although connie continues to love steven and loves him as a boyfriend, what she really loves is him. his father's penis, and although Greg loves his son he has to admit that he is too soft on girls, and having sex with a young girl is the best. Connie and Steven get to have sex, but Connie dissects a lot, Steven is too soft and he doesn't want to try anything new (he doesn't even know what porn is, and when he shows it on the internet it seems horrible), so Connie pretends during all the time, which is not much like 3 minutes; When she meets with Greg for her weekly sex section, he asks her how it was with Steven, Greg knows why Steven asked him for condoms, he tried to give them advice but he said he didn't want it, she doesn't want to talk and during sex Orally, she begins to compare every aspect with Steven in her mind, and during the dirty talk, Connie escapes this comparison, realizes that they were both much more excited, and from that moment she begins to verbally humiliate Steven during sex. Steven and Connie keep dating and sometimes have sex, Connie wants to imprison Steven more to improve his sex life but he does not want it to be okay like that. Well that is the whole plot that I have thought, it serves several chapters (especially the evolution of the sex of Greg and Connie), although this depends on who decides to write it, the story has several NTR scenes to Steven.
  2. Connie wants sex, for years she has read erotic fantasy novels and this has caused her desire for sex, one day doing homework she finds a link to a pornographic page of the beach city, where she finds many images and short videos of people with her face censored, that by the bottom you can see her city and it also turns out that her mother is subscribed to a sexual video chat page too, (connie discovers it thanks to the fact that she found the credit card bills on the computer), she decides to open the page and what he finds is something amazing, women and men in front of the camera masturbating and mucking dirty for their audience (in no video is the person's face shown, only from the neck down), connie gets very excited and masturbates watching the penises of men, and she finds one that is enormous, that almost does not even dig into the swamp, she sees him masturbate until he ejaculates huge jets, this fascinates him and he wants to continue, but his mother arrives and ruins his f iesta. The days go by and the adventures continue, but he cannot get that penis out of his head, thanks to his intelligence he manages to pay a bill on the page (because his mother will know if he uses hers) and looks for the man who owns her, it turns out that all the nights he puts on a show for his followers, which are many, and connie masturbates all night watching the video, at one point she begins to recognize the man's belly, just like Steven's father's, this surprises her and she thinks that It is a mistake, but he begins to notice the similarities, the beard, the hands and the background of the video shows that it is a truck, the moment comes and in his fantasies he imagines Greg taking it brutally and in some cases in front of Steve humiliating him, ( connie is a fan of hentai ntr) this scenario becomes more and more common in her fantasies. One day he decides to follow steven's father to see if he really is, he discovers that he always goes to the amusement park, to the public toilets where he enters for a long time and leaves after a woman, connie's mind imagines many scenarios and When he notices a woman with a red face and disheveled hair, he decides to enter quickly and it turns out that the bathroom is normal, very dirty but normal, he is about to leave when the penis in the videos comes out of a hole in the wall . So far I can imagine the story, you can continue with the development as you like, that Connie and Greg have a lot of sex behind Steve, or that Greg never finds out what he does with Connie in the bathrooms, as he likes.