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  1. At least you tried, thanks anyway for your efforts.
  2. Here’s the url for the story: Concerning the author himself, I think his name is Blackthorn but I’m not 100% sure… I hope you’ll find answers because I don’t know why this fanfiction was erased (hell, I think the author of “Talon: Son of Zone-Tan” wrote other stories based on Zone-Tan but they’re nowhere on AFF).
  3. Hello. It’s been a long time since I’ve read “Talon: Son of Zone-Tan” on AFF (I don’t even remember who the author was) and when I tried to find it again today, all I found was the message “The dragons running the back end of the site can not seem to find the story you are looking for”. What’s going on? The author was severely sanctioned by something he has done or what?