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  1. Hello! its me TheHorneyScorpio! im coming in close to my one year anniversary and i want it to be for the fans! So if anyone is willing to post a suggestion for my next or second next chapter, then heres your one and only chance (as of now). If anyone is to suggest a chapter for my very first fanfic then please at the very least read up to where i am right now if its going to be integrated into the story! if its a one off type of story then i can add it in or i can just have a seperate story altogether for it, your choice really. I only ask the restrictions being nonviolent and non gory, i cant and will not write those stories, practically anything else flys to me, so post a suggestion here or email me (you'll find my email on my bio). I hope to make it a good chapter or at least ill try to make it a good one, ill even give a shout out if you want as thanks for the suggestion, the anniversary wont come in another few months but i at least want a month to get to writing it. Hope to see some good suggestions Later! To find my fanfic to get caught up its titled “New Found Brotherhood” at the “anime” section for “one piece” (im sure you can post links but im new to using these sort of sites so please bear with me!)