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  1. New character in Ch5 and someone (who could it be?) at the door! Then again, it's early, maybe Ferd doesn't *care* who's at the door- he is snuggling after all!
  2. Hope you all enjoyed the Alister/ Ferd action! Vote for his next move before Friday, when the next chapter will post!
  3. K, I'm posting Ch2 today, so this poll is closed and another will be posted later with the choice for Ch2!
  4. Thanks! It's been a while since I posted here and I'm not sure why the text ended up looking so different from the .doc, but I will adjust it when I put up CH2 and make sure the spacing is improved on Ch2 on!
  5. For those interested, you can vote on Chapter 1 Choose Your Own Adventure (Yaoi Style!) here and the new chapter will post Friday! Right now the main character (our lovely catboy Ferd) has to decide who to go off with after his shift at the bar. Looking forward to seeing people's opinions! I plan on writing a chapter a week on this story, just for fun as a side project from my work at Yaoifix. Rin