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  1. An Arrow series, perhaps based on Oliver fulfilling fantasy he had on the island, is something I could see writing but not right now given how far behind I am on my other projects. Just look how long it’s taken me to respond to your post; or your other reviews (on Influence of the Demon). Magnusxxz on said: and Sadly this was never meant to be a big on-going story being instead just a place to hold scenes that didn’t fit in the larger Aspect of the Demon narrative; that doesn’t mean that there can’t be more scenes in the future just that none are planned. . . . I’ve started a new “series” Narrative Experiments consisting of a number of narrative experiments, short scene (under 1,000 words each) grouped by common theme with the idea that each could be revisited, expanded, or whatever if they stuck a cord with any reader. That hasn’t happened yet but who knows.
  2. Another Influence review... Magnusxxz said: That’s sadly last thing I’ve written in the continuity; I have started another Buffy story that I might port over here in a bit (after I get another chapter or two of backlog). I’ve also ‘wrapped up’, posted the last chapter of, my old original story The Port of Maresh meaning I’ll have to pick something new to post… While I have an idea but if anyone reads this and responds with a genre/fetish preference before next week that might influence me.
  3. My new story, Influence of the Demon, (being an Aspect of the Demon spinoff) has gotten it’s first review. SailorNemesis said: Thanks! The second/last chapter is going up now but still no Willow for you.
  4. I do have two short scene in the same setting as Aspect but they’re both Dawn focused. I’ve written very little about Willow it seems.
  5. After ignoring this site for more than a year I’ve come back to post the last two chapters to Aspect of the Demon so I might as well look at the reviews I’d gotten in that time. Oric13 said: Thanks. Magnusxxz said: Oh they do. SailorNemesis said: Wait for it. And then after chapter five went up this weekend. Magnusxxz said: and SailorNemesis said: Willow does show up in the sixth (final planned) chapter but this concept is one I’m likely to return to (especially with some encouragement). Time to turn my focus to other stories I haven’t posted here yet.
  6. Actually I had forgot to post chapter four of Aspect of the Demon (even though I said I had) so back I come. And there was a review. Magnusxxz said: The wheels are in motion, plans have been made, and side stories have been written. I also got a new review for Xander & Dawn: To Feel Alive. Saxman66 said: I’m glad you liked it but that is it, the story is done. That being said there is nothing stopping me from exploring similar ideas in a different context later.
  7. More reviews, this time for Aspect of the Demon. Magnusxxz said: and and I just did (posting three chapters when I did actually).
  8. It’s been a while since I’ve done this (like ten months) but there’s been some reviews in that time so here we go. In regards to Xander & Dawn: To Feel Alive colinzeal said: Which is always nice to hear. Magnusxxz said: I think the Finale might give them some joy; not the 5 Xander thing but Faith does get into the action. saxman66 said: Another thing that is nice to hear.
  9. I also got another review for Xander & Dawn: To Feel Alive Magnusxxz said: That is more likely to be a separate story at this point.
  10. I also got a review for Xander & Dawn: To Feel Alive Magnusxxz said: Uncertainty is a perfectly appropriate feeling.
  11. I’ve gotten two reviews of my new Buffy fan-fic Aspect of the Demon: ANON said: and another ANON said: As I said in the blurb the plot was supplied by someone else and it is therefore up to them as to whether or not the story continues and what direct it takes. Right now they seem more interested in having me write something else (though on a similar theme).
  12. Added another final chapter to Teacher’s Pet and it already got a review. ANON said: Yeah that’s not going to happen (probably). I never meant to write this chapter, I went a year and a half with writing it, because I felt that the story was basically complete. That feeling was strong enough that even after I had my moment of inspiration I went months without seeing it through.
  13. Currently there are a trio of stories on here that are both adult-fanfiction exclusive and influenced more by reader feedback than any thing else. Shards of Reality: Sunnydale was meant to be reader directed, where I would take the most popular requests and turn them into the plot of the next chapter. That didn’t really work. I’m going to give what’s there a polish and then try to relaunch things with a more structured system for input. A Special Boy: Summer Shorts and Dr. Nichols’ Family Therapy are both currently just one-shots with a format for future expansion in place. The former is meant to be a bucket to catch (almost) all of the hung shota stories I’m willing to write that people suggest. The latter is meant to be about a therapist who believes that sex is the best way to fix a families problems once someone suggests some family combos that need help.
  14. Got a review of my new “series” A Special Boy: Summer Shorts Hungry-Orange-Squirrel said: So I’m glad you liked what I wrote but I’m not going to go with your suggestion. First, I don’t think it fits Billy’s character. Second, I’m not really into NTR. And third, it sounds a lot like a story that Slutwriter already wrote; just read his. I also got a review for an older series Xander & Dawn: To Feel Alive Magnusxxz said: I am aware that this (number 8) is a shorter, talker chapter but don’t worry the next one is coming soon and it’s going to be longer. And also kind of talky.
  15. Can I say that I have no idea what you mean by 'level 3' or '5'? Oh well moving on; I got another review this time of Teacher's Pet. JustS said: Which was helpful as it let me know the one chapter had glitched out.
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