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  1. Chapter 15 marieriddle20: Thank you so much for reviewing! I am happy that you took a chance and decided to read my story. The Hermione/Pansy will continue. I love the Blaise/Ron pairing after, surprisingly, putting them together in this story. I hadn't actually thought about it until someone suggested and now I just love writing it. I've written a couple more stories for just those two overall and the chapter length one is called Parallel. Not sure how many chapters that one will have, but thank you so much again for reading and reviewing. Jan: Thank you so much for reviewing! The cooking contest happens in the next chapter. I haven't decided who I am going to let win the contest yet, but it might just be one of the two favorite pairs.
  2. Reviews for Chapter 14 staar: Thank you so much for reviewing! Yes, they do need to start living a bit more and they do.... in the next two-three chapters. They will get together in the cooking contest chapter or the chapter right after it. Tommy-Lane: Thank you so much for reviewing! The cooking contest is in the chapter after next. lol. I just had to put them practicing in the next chapter and Harry finds out about the kiss in Chapter 16, which I have called "Perfect Plan or Perfect Disaster". My beta is reading it over for me now and I should have it up by Sat. or Sun. I hope you enjoy the short, set-up chapter.
  3. Reviews for Chapter 13 staar: Thank you so much for reviewing! Sorry about the longer times between updates. I’ve been fighting with myself on minimum lengths for my chapters. I am glad you are enjoying the story. I am happy Ron is still coming off as personable in this story. Jan: Thank you so much for reviewing! *grins* I love Ron and his planning and his fantasies. Now whether I love his fantasies of Draco and Harry more than his fantasies of himself and Blaise has yet to be seen… *winks* Tommy-Lane: Thank you so much for reviewing! It is very possible for that to happen. Why do you think this chapter wasn’t posted yet? I did need to add something but the main parts of it have been done for a long while. I couldn’t help but put that line in there. I had so much fun making Ron all flustered and such. Also yes, that is exactly what I meant. Ron was saying Harry should give Draco a bit of a taste by flirting and then pull away to make Draco want him more. My muse really needed that poke and yes the cooking contest will be over the next few chapters after the latest one. I hope you like Blaise and Draco’s conversation in this latest chapter.
  4. Finally, I was able to post a new chapter. Reviews for Chapter 12 staar: Thank you so much for reviewing! It is a bit hectic which is unfortunately why the chapters are taking longer and my beta being sick of course. Ginny will get someone later, but it will just be more of her kind of being there with someone else. Harry was very forward in kissing him, but they still aren't together yet. Soon. I have few things to do with Ron before his strategies turn towards keeping them together. Meechypoo: Thank you so much for reviewing! I hope you enjoy Draco's reaction. It fits currently. Ron still has to "convince" Draco with whatever plans he has left and then it is all about making sure Harry remains Draco's. I wonder which of the two will have a problem first. Jan: Thank you so much for reviewing! Here is chapter 14. Sorry for the long wait. I hope you enjoyed it. Ron and Blaise still have a bit of work to do, but everything is coming together nicely. Tommy-Lane: Thank you so much for reviewing! My muse might have needed that metaphorical poke or something. They are all a bit more mature than they were in the books for some reason. I just keep thinking, what are their thoughts. They didn't seem to do much thinking with Voldemort hanging over their heads. After such a terrible war, growing up just seems so natural. Draco is Draco. Everything he has been talking to Harry about plays lightly into them getting together. Ron is almost done with the getting them together phase and will move towards the keeping them together one soon. They are in for a mildly eventful year. I am happy you like my portrayals of them so far. I am happy you also like the dose of conniving redhead.
  5. AidaLily

    Draco/Harry story recommendations

    If you are still looking for Draco/Harry stories... I am writing a Top!Draco/Bottom!Harry fic. If you still want Draco/Harry then you might like it. They haven't done anything yet though. It also features the couplings of Blaise Zabini/Ronald Weasley and I'm still flirting with the idea of Pansy/Hermione. I tend to update every 1-3 weeks depending on school. I will have to warn you though, there is an actual thinking, mature, Ron in that fic unlike the usual backstabbing, bad-mannered, all Slytherins are evil Ron. I kind of love writing Ron that way. I also have the tags and warnings on the story as well if you want to check it out. The story: Ronald Weasley's Strategies by MoonlightVampiress Summary: Ronald Weasley is bored after the defeat of Voldemort. He wants to do something to liven up the 7th year instead of just concentrating on his studies. Oh! He knows what to do. He will get Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy together. Other than that, I typically find it very hard to find Draco topping stories and I do so love Draco topping. There is another story I love that I know Draco is topping in. The Story: The Art of Shadow Boxing by Tommy-Lane Summary: It’s been seven years since Draco fled the Wizarding world, intending never to return. But when someone from his past shows up one evening it sets in motion a chain of events that will either heal or destroy him. (Full summery inside) Well check them out if you want, I will mention others if I see them and you are still looking.
  6. Hi. These will be all the review replies to my first chapter length Harry Potter story. Reviews for Chapter 11 Meechypoo: Thank you so much for reviewing! Yes! You are absolutely right. Ginny is just a confused girl. It ended as ok as it was going to end in that sort of situation. I love writing Blaise and Ron together. Hermione is just so used to using her brain that she isn’t paying attention to anything else. Without Voldemort, she is thinking that she wants the ‘normal’ girl experience completely now. Tesgura: Thank you so much for reviewing! Yes, Ginny actually thought that would work. Lol. She just… it was her last ditch option. Blaise and Ron are absolutely adorable together. I can’t help but love them. Harry is confused. Draco is confused. Hermione is confused. Pansy wants her some Gryffindor bookworm. Lol staar: Thank you so much for reviewing! Yay! Ginny is gone. She will only make minor appearances through the rest of the fic. Ron and Blaise are just so cute together and Hermione and Pansy are coming soon. delia cerrano: Thank you so much for reviewing! Yes, they are starting to come together much better. I will be doing a few more time skips at some points, but not too many that we miss all the goodness of Ron’s planning or the relationships they all have. I am so happy you like Ron! I read so many fics with Ron exactly like you described – backstabbing friend who eats like a pig. I am happy you like my take on an actually grown up Ron. HEARTSTAR: Thank you so much for reviewing! I am glad you like Draco. I have been trying to portray him as much more mature. I love Ron’s imagination. I think those are some of my favorite parts of writing this. Guest: Thank you so much for reviewing! Oh, that may be able to be arranged. *winks* Tommy-Lane: Thank you so much for reviewing! Oh this one is one of your new favorites? Awesome. They are scheming just a bit. That will show up a bit more later. I am so sorry this update took so long. I kept rewriting the chapter. I am glad you liked the date between Ron and Blaise (love those two) and Harry and Draco’s reaction. Hope you enjoyed Draco and Harry’s reminiscence of the day and a bit of Harry’s Slytherin side. *grins* enlyasuregon: Thank you so much for reviewing! I am happy you found my story and love it so far. I love Ron and Blaise together as well. They are so… sweet together. Ron is much less annoying and is currently not too happy with Hermione. I don’t like Ginny either… thankfully she will be very minor in this fic now that they are not together. Harry and Draco are soooo hot together and Draco tops in my story because… there are just not enough Draco topping stories. Lol. Thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy.