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    Spanking: abuse or Discipline? Class project

    When was the day that spanking became nearly universally looked over the shoulder? I mean, I also want to know when was the date when the kids started to turn into spoiled brats. I myself have 2 older sisters, of 42 and 38 years respectively The oldest one has 3 children and I think she educates them with an Iron Fist. I fear that this possibly excessive disciplining turns them into resented and bitter adults. My oldest niece, 19 years old right now... I think she's kinda depressed. She looks pale and somewhat skinny, and is kinda anti-social. Still, I have not enough proof of it... I hope I'm just imaginating things On the other side, my other sister has only a 11-year-old son, and well... he was given an PS2, and then a PS3, an Xbox and a Wii. I mean, 4 of the most expensive consoles! And well, I think my sister is just spoiling him. It also seems that he has some aphasia, so he behaves even more childish than normal. I don't think I'll get a wife, or even a girlfriend, anytime soon... but I'm kinda afraid of becoming a father right now. It's sad, as it's true, that no man is born with parenting skills... and learning them from their parents can be sometimes detrimental. Well, That's how I think right now
  2. Yeah. The title is long and maybe boring. This is my very first long-fic in a pornographic Alternate Universe (or Time) But I want your opinion, really. I want to get better at this And forgive me if my English is cheesy sometimes. I'm from Chile... Please, enjoy http://anime.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600053770 Thanks in advance
  3. J.Nathan Spears

    I need a Name!

    Sadly, I haven't the permission to vote in your poll D: I'd vote Karen + Passion for Historical Re-enactment Karen for Plankton's Computer wife in SpongeBob And the passion for my fanatism on the Dynasty Warriors Saga
  4. J.Nathan Spears

    New? Introduce Yourself!

    Howdy... my name here is Joseph Nathaniel Spears, as in the fics... the same when I review I normally read yuri and furry stories... something out of the normal. I have a fanfiction in Anime >> Pokemon >> Alternate Universe... maybe I mistagged it but... still, I wish to get a lot of reviews and know if I'm making too much errors... English isn't my mother language but still, I'm kinda good using it, I guess xD See ya! =D
  5. J.Nathan Spears

    what would you do with $640 million dollars!

    Whoa... so much money... that is circa 300 billion Chilean Pesos <3 Well, I'd start saving a part for my dear parents Then I'd buy a Nintendo 3DS and a lot of good games like the latest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Digimon World Dusk Also, I'd donate a part to various charitable Organizations (Fundacion las Rosas, Hogar de Cristo, Coaniquem, etcetera) After that, I'd worry for my aunts and uncles, donating something for them. Two of my uncles (and the husband of one of my aunties) are stricken with Diabetes and I wanna help The rest... well, I'd Invest them on some projects that would help the bio-structure of the world I just hope I won't become the target of some blackhearted assassins in the way...
  6. J.Nathan Spears

    Letter to my 16 year old self

    Whoa... this topic is a neat Idea =3. I'll give it a try *AHEM* Dear 16-year-old me... Please visit your maternal granny more often. Maybe that way her mood and health will become happier and stronger Also, remember to never ever forget consuming your Rysperidone at night. I know that it sucks but... maybe that treatment shall not be eternal as you think. You've been consuming it for 3 years now and I see that you're not the same hyperactive fool you were at age 13 Well, I cannot get any more ideas... take care of yourself Yours truly (mine truly too) the 22-year-old me
  7. J.Nathan Spears

    Mom says Army made son diet to death

    Personally, I'm a total geek... I weight 200+ pounds and spend most of the day in internet. And I'm happy with it... and most important, I'm ALIVE. Poor guy and poor mother... Some people are willing to do this anti-alimentary frenzy for "patriotism". I'd call it "sheer stupidity" I know that a retired vet gets a lot of cash for its family, but not every person has the strength and willpower to enter that damned circle. Maybe you need to be a masochist to get to like the Army. Why not get into a "Rifles into Plowshares" policy? (Like "Swords into Plowshares", where soldiers worked as farmers when not at war, increasing the empire's food income, Thanks, Civilization V, Gods & Kings expansion). Maybe the farm labor would be a perfect exercise for the wannabe soldiers and there will be no need to diet to death.