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  1. So I am looking for some well written Harry Potter/Supernatural Crossovers. Preferably long and complete, but I'd be will to check them out even if they aren't. Harry must be the main character, and it should be more of him crossover into the SPN-verse than the other way around. I am kind of looking for a couple specific pairings, such as Harry/Jo and Harry/Micheal as I haven't really seen any of those, so if know of any please point them out. There doesn't have to be pairings though, and if there I'll go for just about anything with Harry. Canon, Harry/Sam, Harry/Dean, Harry/Crowley, Harry/Castiel, Harry/Gabriel, Harry/Multi-mix, etc. What I don't want are Winchesters, or anyone else going to Hogwarts for whatever reason. Or anything not Harry focused, so no Hermione coming over and dating a Winchester fics either. And NO Harry is Dean or Sam's kid fics, that just screws up the timeline way TOO much. That's about it. Please let me know of any ones that you know. I have combed through and Ao3 pretty well, but I may have missed some, so don't be afraid to point any you know out. Other sites are fair gain. Thanks a bunch!
  2. HP/Supernatural X-Over Ideas Plot One: When Harry was a child (age seven should be good, but no older than nine) he was saved from a vampire attack by a Hunter. This particular Hunter is an ex-military squib. He doesn't adopt Harry, under the belief the Hunting is no life for a child, but he does visit upon occasion. Teaching him what Hunting means and the little he knows about wizarding world. After Harry's first year when they realize he is a target for Voldemort, that is when the Hunter really starts to train him. Harry decides that what he wants to be after the war is a Hunter, so when Voldemort is done for he goes to America. Where Supernatural activity is really starting to pick up, as apposed the rest of the world, in particularly the maleficent kind. He eventually meets up with the Winchesters and starts working along with them: because, after all, he is Harry Potter, and where there is troubles he has to be right smack in the middle of it. Harry's Hunter mentor has to die at some point, either early on in the story or before it takes place. This fic should focus more one the Supernatural-verse than the Potter-verse, other than having Harry as a central character. Dean was born in 1979, Harry 1980, and Sam 1983, so follow the canon timelines for both verses. The main pairing can be: None, Harry/Dean, Harry/Sam, Harry Castiel, or Harry with any combination of those three choices. The story should focus on the Apocalypse/Dealing with Lucifer part of the series, though it Can merge at any point during that. Harry must be at least six feet tall, very powerful/confident/well built/intelligent, and the top/dom of whatever relationship. Not that the other member(s) should be a weakling, in fact please don't make them one. Whether or not Harry is Master of Death, and if gets any powers/etc from that is up to you, but he most be important enough to be noticed by the demons and angels, and make some kind of difference in the war effort. Also he can't be possessed, much to stubborn for his own good, and demon would never be able to control him. And no he is not an angel's (any angel's) vessel. Also please no character bashing, don't certain characters from the HP-verse, just don't use them (or mention them at all) in it, this is supposed to be a primarily Supernatural fan fiction. As for the Supernatural, I'm not too attached to those characters yet, save for Bobby, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel and Crowley, is it is not too big of a deal. Plot Two: In an effort to start the Apocalypse sooner, the demons drag a man to hell that they believe righteous enough to break the first seal. Only problem is, Harry Potter is not one to break. Ever. The demons don't give up though, since they captured when he was eighteen they kept him their and tortured and tortured him until Dean arrived, and broke. Meanwhile Harry has been stewing, waiting, planning. He learned of the demons plans for Earth he decided to do everything in his power to thwart them. Unbeknownst to the demons, his powers have been steadily growing while he was down there. He has been waiting for his chance to escape, and finds it when Castiel rescues Dean. When he returns to Earth, he quickly learns of what has been happening, and decides working with the Winchesters is his best bet. This fic should focus more one the Supernatural-verse than the Potter-verse, other than having Harry as a central character. Dean was born in 1979, Harry 1980, and Sam 1983, so follow the canon timelines for both verses. The main pairing can be: None, Harry/Dean, Harry/Sam, Harry Castiel, or Harry with any combination of those three choices. Harry/a good Micheal would be nice too, haven't seen any of those... Through I'd also enjoy him with Crowley and/or Gabriel. Harry must be at least six feet tall, very powerful/confident/well built/intelligent, and the top/dom of whatever relationship. Not that the other member(s) should be a weakling, in fact please don't make them one. Whether or not Harry is Master of Death, and if gets any powers/etc from that is up to you. Also he can't be possessed, much to stubborn for his own good, and demon would never be able to control him. And no he is not an angel's (any angel's) vessel. Also please no character bashing, don't certain characters from the HP-verse, just don't use them (or mention them at all) in it, this is supposed to be a primarily Supernatural fan fiction. As for the Supernatural, I'm not too attached to those characters yet, save for Bobby, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel and Crowley, is it is not too big of a deal. For the this one, how exactly Harry winds up in Hell is also open to debate, demon dealings is a little cliched, but fine with me if you have no better ideas. P.s. To be honest, I have only just gotten into Supernatural, so most of my information from beyond season one is all gotten from fan fiction, so it might not necessarily be accurate. I do know the ages are right though. Which also means, I haven't actually met most of my favorite characters from the show yet.
  3. Okay so I keep getting ideas, so I'm just gonna keep posting them here. These prompts follow the same rules as the ones above. Scorpius had enough of all the demands and expectations his his father lays on him. He doesn't want to lead, he wants to submit, so he turns to the most powerful and dominant man he knows, Harry Potter. Voldemort kidnaps Harry and plans to use him in a ritual calling for a virgin sacrifice, only Harry isn't a virgin, but Voldemort is. Because of the botched ritual Voldemort finds himself permanently tied to Harry. After the war Harry becomes restless, so he decides to travel. On his travels he has a run in with a demon, and ends up becoming a hunter. Several year later he finds himself working with Dean and Sam Winchester on a hunt. The hunt goes wrong, and even though the monster is dead, the three of them are trapped together. Harry gits bitten by a werewolf and find himself wanting build himself a pack, of his mates and their offspring. Harry wins the war and decides to keep Tom as his pet. (This would also be interesting if each horcrux is also Harry's pet, so Harry has 1 to 8 Pet!Toms.)
  4. Okay, so I know I said that I would wait and see if anyone took those, but I had a few more ideas. Same rules applies as for the above post. Prompts Continued: Harry accidentally drinks or is doused in a messed up lust potion and is in major need of help to work it out of his system. The potion is a lot stronger than normal, and lasts way longer than it should. He will need more than one person to help. Voldemort recognizes Harry as someone from his past, and sends Harry back to his time at Hogwarts. What is Harry to do stuck with a young Tom Riddle for a year? After his best friend, Albus Potter's mother dies, Scorpius decides he wants to make Harry Potter forget his misery and repay all the debts he and his family owe. In payment for keeping them out of Azkaban, the Malfoys now belong to Harry. This is a secret kept from the world, no one knows of it, not even Scorpius. Not until it is his turn to help pay back their debts. Ginny is aware of this, and sometimes even joins in with Harry. Narcissa was exempted from it as she helped Harry defeat Voldemort, as is Astoria as she owes no debt to him. So the ones paying back all of the debts would be Lucius, Draco, Scorpius and any other future born Malfoy, male or female, until Harry dies. Which could in fact be never, because I do like me an immortal Harry (blame the Hallows). If you decide to take this far enough into the future, any Malfoy daughters could be made to be Harry's wife or wives. Though, Harry would never stop the men from continuing the Malfoy family line, their wives must all know first and foremost all Malfoys belong to Harry.
  5. How about some random story prompts: Draco decides to kill two birds with one stone, so to in payment of all the debts he owes Harry he gives him his son, Scorpius. This is also because he finds Scorpius to be unfit heir, and wants to raise a new heir in his stead. What is Harry to do with young Malfoy scion? Kingsley is tired of being in charge all the time and goes to his Head Auror, Harry Potter, for help. Ever since Harry first saw Tom in the Diary he decided Tom Marvolo Riddle was going to be his, no matter what. Lucius decides to visit a new club, and is shocked to discover Harry Potter there. What shocks him even more is just how much wants to submit to this new and improved Potter. (Couple things for this one: wizards live twice as long as muggles, so once they reach adulthood they age way slower, so Lucius is still relatively young by wizard standards. Being Master of Death has some very surprising side effects, such as an uncontrollable libido, and sudden interest in creating his own personal harem. (Can contain just girls, guys and girls, or just guys. Characters I'd like to see in it is anyone mentioned in the above posts, and absolutely NO Draco.) First Draco lost his son to Harry Bloody Potter, now his daughter is chasing after the git too. (Okay, despite how this one sounds I don't want to Draco to be the main character, he should be the antagonist of the story. So please don't take this one if you really like Draco, because this one is me wanting to see Draco constantly losing to Harry.) One day while out on a walk a kid latches himself/herself to Harry and insists on calling him father. Harry has no idea what to do accept look for the kid's parents, when he finds them he is in for a shock. (I'm leaving the pairing for this one open, possible options I enjoy seeing are listed above in this topic.) Requirements, for all of the these: No character bashing (for the first one Harry and Ginny can share Scorpius, or you can find a plausible reason for them to break up or never have gotten together, same deal for the others), Dom/Sub relationships or Master/Slave works too, Harry MUST be the Dom, and some bdsm would be nice as well... I like bondage and biting. The longer the better in my opinion, but one-shots works as well. Just make sure it is not a drabble, as those simply aren't satisfying enough. Make it at least 2000 words. I leave everything else up to you. Though, I'd be happy to offer other suggestions if you'd like. I do like a possessive Harry... Confident and Powerful Harry is also always right up my alley. I prefer a none blushing Harry. And I always really enjoyed stories where he can cook, is head Auror, and owns a cafe/bar/club. Lastly, (on my Harry tidbits at any rate) I don't much like naive!Harry, there are just to many of those around. All these stories MUST be Harry centric, though it is not required they are told from his POV. p.s. If at least some these are taken up and completed I might do more in future.
  6. Okay, the first kind of fic that I am looking for, are stories were Harry joins Voldemort and yet remains friends with Ginny. Well, actually it doesn't have to be even him joining the dark side. I just would really like to read some stories where he gets paired with someone else, really anyone else (except Draco) and they remain/become friends. For the other type of fics, I'd love to read some stories were Harry ends up with Lucius and Draco views Harry as a parent. I've read Veela Heart, so don't suggest that. It is actually what put me in the mood for those types of stories at the mo. On that note, I really wouldn't mind checking out any other recommendations you might have for Harry getting together with anyone (except Draco) who already has a kid or kids, and those kids view him as a parent. Though, it would be more interesting if the kids are his age, or close to it. I really don't know that it would be possible to pull off with someone significantly older than him... or even if that has ever been tried, but it would be interesting to read I'm sure.
  7. To be honest, I don't even know if this story exists. It might just be a mesh up of a bunch of stoires I read, my endless ideas for stories, simply things I want to see in stories, and my whacky dreams... who knows, but if it is an actual story I would really appriciate it if some one could help me find it. If it does happen to be a combinations of stories I've read, than if something stands out towards a particular story or another I'd really appriciate being dericted to it. I believe I first read this story not to long after reading The Dark Lord's Protector by pikachumomma, because that is the story that really got me into Dom!Harry stories, and I believe my desire for more is what led me to finding this story. First things first, I know I read it on, because it was before I started branching out to other sites. And I know that that it wasn't completed at the time of my reading it (which was years ago, so it really is hard to say what it looks like now). If this story is the one I think it is, then it is long, very long, with a word count in the hundred thousands, and maybe fifty chapters or so. Now as for the plot to the story. I am almost certian it is a time travel story, but it could be one of those alternate!Harry stories where is from Tom's time and went to school with him. Anyway, Harry befriended Tom, and became his second in command and bodygaurd. The got together at some point or another, and I believe that Harry was the dominate partner when it came to their relationship. Everything else, he more or less followed Tom. This story took place through their years at Hogwarts, and up until they started the war. I believe the intention was to complete the war in that fic. I'm afraid I don't remember many specifics as to events that happened in the story, but I do remember around the point that I stopped reading the story (which was because it hadn't been updated), Tom was really made at Harry for some reason or another, and Harry was basically sleeping on couch (though they lived in a huge mansion I think it might have actually been a separate room as apposed to the couch). I think that Harry might have done something that subverted Tom's athority when it came to the war efforts. Why or what I can't really say. I also think that Tom might have been pregnant, though this is the most questionable part of what I remember of the story. If he was he wasn't very far along and they were hiding it, only the closest to them new of it. I think that Harry might not have even been aware of it, and it was part of the reason Tom was so mad at him... Well that is all I can remember of it at this time, and all I've been able to remember for quite a while. If there is no story like this, and it really is a combination of the above I think I'll take the idea for it and turn it into a challenge. Of course, if parts of it do turn out to be from actually stories I'll change them.\ Fingers are crossed in hopes that this story does exist somewhere and I can actually read it!
  8. I actually have a few senarios I'd like for this one First things first, I recently read Not Ever Again! and it sequel, Butterfly by Isys Luna Skeeter, I was wondering if anyone knew of any stories along similar vanes to that one. Secondly I would really like read some stories were Harry grows up with Tom. Preferbly ones that involve Harry being in Tom's time, and not Tom in Harry's. Harry doesn't have to end up romantically involved with Tom here, but I do want to see him remain on time's side. Fics were Harry is a reincarnation of someone Tom grew up with and cared for, are also acceptible. Thirdly, I'd like to see some fics were Voldemort has won and now rules Britian/the world/or whatever, and Harry grows up in this world of Voldemorts. At some point or another they have to meet, and it does need to end with them having a romantic interest in each other. Lastly I would really like to see some fics were Harry joins Voldemort when at the graveyard after the third task of the tournament. For these fics what capacity Harry joins as doesn't really matter, as long as it is willingly done on Harry's part. Though, my prefered would be for him to end up as Voldie's partner and equal. So that is about all for now I think... please let me know if you know any fics that fit any of the cattegories above! Thanks!
  9. Okay, so I am craving some good Dominate Harry stories, as there never really seems to be enough of those out there. (And yes, I am going to keep saying that until I see a major increase in them!) Sadly it seems that the most likely candidates such stories would be Harry/Draco stories. So that is what I am requesting here. BUT I am not just requesting just any Dom!Harry/Draco fics, I'm looking for a more specific type. I don't really like Draco as a character he grates on my nerves, but if don't right I can enjoy the pairing. Usually done right for me a stories were Draco is completely degraded and humiliated by Harry, or ones were he is a total and complete submissive to Harry, bowing to his every whim. There are a rare few that I really like that don't involve that... and don't get me started on fics where Harry is the sub to Draco. *Shivers* That is just wrong on so many levels... I can stand Tom, or Lucius, or perhaps even Severus, but never Draco... no not Draco... Anyway, terribly sorry for the rant didn't mean to go off like that. No offense meant to Draco fans, it is just how I feel about his character... So the kind of fics I'm looking for recs in are the two I mentioned above. Either humiliated!Draco, or total submissive Draco! If you know any like these I'd really appreciate it! As to kind of what I am looking for in humiliated!Draco stories, try Claiming A Life-Dept by All_Not_Well on Archive of Our Own.
  10. No it's not that one I'm afraid.. I knew ahead of time that it wasn't that one, I just forgot exactly what that one was called, or I would have said something. To try and give a better idea of story I'm looking for: Harry was ONLY with Snape and Lucius in said story, no one else. If he had a creature inheritance he didn't look it, I think he did end up with long dark red (like blood red) hair, and was made to look somewhat feminine, slim waist, etc. He looked complete human! No scales, no wings, no pointed ears, nothing of the sort. It was a pretty dark story, and Harry was really angry at the world. None of the stuff I listed is a complete guarantee as to being part of story... it was so long ago that I read it that there is a good chance I'm mixing with other stories. But I am pretty sure it is accurate, as this story did stick out to me at the time as being very different to anything I was currently reading. I wish I could say more about it, but I really can't remember much else. If I do remember something else I'll post it here. Please let me know if it sounds like anything at you are familiar with.
  11. Yeah, that part of a the names sounds right. It was deleted? Pity. Guess that explains why I can't find it anymore when I used to keep running into it without looking for it... As for the other one. No that's not it I'm afraid. If he had mates it was definitely Severus and Lucius. Though I don't think that mating was really involved... but I can't say for certain. Though I see why you might of thought it to be that story, I had meant to say that I was fairly certain Harry was only ever with Severus and Lucius, but because I was in a rush I missed that up. I have fixed it now.
  12. So, I am looking for two stories both I red some time ago, but never finished. I don't know if they are still around or not. I think that at least the first one is complete, but I won't swear to it. I know I saw the first one on multiple sights, I just don't remember what it is called, so I have been able to find it. The second one I really have no idea were I read it... Okay on to the stories I'm looking for: Fic 1: Lucius was some kind of magical creature, he had been looking for his mate for years. He finally finds that Harry is his mate in the Department of Mysteries. Because Harry is his dominant mate, Lucius is unable to do anything against him, so he holds back and doesn't really get involved in the events there. He goes to Snape asking for help about it... And that really is all I remember. I think that it was a rather long fic, and I as a said before probably complete. There might have been mpreg in it, but I really can't say for certain. Fic 2: This fic I remember even less of, as I read it several years ago. What I do know is that Harry was with both Lucius and Severus. He may have been a magical creature, but I won't swear to it. I know he went through some kind appearance change, I think he might have ended up with long deep red hair. I know that he was betrayed, and had become very dark. He didn't join Voldemort, more of created his own side, with Lucius and Severus. He was a dominant bottom, in that he always bottomed to the other two men, but they had to do everything (more or less) he said. He was the master, and they his servants... Oh, and I am almost certain he wasn't with anyone else in that fic. I wish I could to you more but that is all I remember of those. I hope it is enough.
  13. Okay, here I am again dying for some Dom!Harry stories. They are as hard to find as ever, so I have duel purpose for this post. First, I hope that someone will adopt and write one of the ideas above, and secondly that someone will take one of the two ideas I have now and make it into a story. ------------- Okay, so this idea is for a Harry Potter/Percy Jackson X-over (I don't really know if this is allowed here, but I'll post it just to see, here's hoping). It's really quite a simple idea, I would positively LOVE to see a story where Harry Dominates at least Ares, if not more of the Greek/Roman gods. I can see it now.... such a story would be so delicious! Options to include: Well, anything... I could really go for just about anything for this story... ----------- The other kind of story I'd like to see at the moment is a Harry/Harem fic, where is the complete and total dominate/alpha and there are both men and women in the group. The only requirement I give is that use some of the characters I list in that Harem, not all of them just some of them. And those characters are: Ginny Weasley Luna Lovegood Gabriella Delacour Fleur Delacour Seamus Finnigan Bill Weasley Charlie Weasley Fenrir Greyback Tom Riddle/Voldemort Lucius Malfoy And that is about it... Though if you include all of them I'd love for eternity and beyond. Also please try to use at least one of the girls AND one of the guys!
  14. Okay I really don't have much of anything for this post. I keep trying to come up with an idea for this, but my brain just keeps going blank on me. So, small challenge, all the is really to it is right a Dom!Harry, Harry/Fenrir story. I would love to see more of those. I have only ever read/seen one, and the was Alphas on So is you would right one that would be fantastic. You can do it as long or as short as you please, and with whatever else you want in it. Just has to be those two things. Though, Harry as an Alpha would be great too.