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  1. chi90504

    looking for a realistic harry/multi story

    the harrem of potter i've read before and is a fail on this request as while it's an enjoyable read it's not what i'd call realistic but i'll give the other one a read
  2. chi90504

    looking for a dominate harry fic harry/female

    i had read one but thanks for the other good job itf you had been registered i'd have given you some points
  3. preferably harry/multi fem also well written with some plot to it
  4. chi90504

    Harry/Hermione/Hermione's Mom

    oh yea that was a good one
  5. other than effects and side effects
  6. chi90504


    yea i mean realisticly ron/hermione is likly to end up an abusive relationship harry/hermione works much better
  7. preferably harry/multi fem also well written with some plot to it
  8. chi90504

    Official Tagging System.

    it would have to be better than simple blog tag style it should be something like this http://www.bdsmlibra...ries/search.php out of all story sites i've found they have the best story search mechanism how ever they don't have the best stories
  9. chi90504

    intagrate accounts

    why do i have to sign up twice why can't you just have us sign up once for adult fanfiction dot net and have that be for both the archives and forum