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    Searching for House MD Fanfic

    Searching for a completed House MD fanfic. After cameron leaves after her divorce, she runs into house at a conference. She was not getting any jobs but, later she gets a job at princeton general. House moves into with her and both start dating. Cuddy tries to break them up but later ends up with Wilson. Forgot it’s name. Unable to find it. Can anyone pls share the link.
  2. I read a story an year ago, the link is lost. Harry cant speak parseltongue but can understand it. Ron practices to speak parseltongue, which arouses harry. Ron talks to harry in parseltongue and fucks him in the burrow outhouse. If anyone can find the link, pls help me
  3. animus369

    Need help finding an old fic

    Couple of years ago I read a fic in, due to some issue hermione stops dating harry and harry goes to australia after war, where he finds hermiones mother without memories, who have divorsed her husband, they both start dating, later hermione finds them and joins them. At the end, she visits the fake tomb of her mother, and return back to her lovers. I think it was a oneshot.
  4. animus369

    Harry sex on a train

    I dont remember exactly but, it is harry, oliver and blaise i think. Harry dressed as a girl and have sex with them on a train. read it once and never found it again
  5. animus369

    Sub!harry femdom multiple

    searching for a fic on adultfanfic, petunia turns harry into a slut, andromeda and narcissa take advantage and multiple partners sorry, no detailed summary
  6. i read a fic about ron breaking up with hermione because she is a hermaphrodite. then she spies harry and ginny having sex in a class room. she freezes ginny and have sex with harry, accidentally taking ginny's virginity, then she fucks harry's ass. i am trying to find it and not at all finding it
  7. animus369

    Harry and Ginny with a Potion

    Ginny cant get pregnant, so hermione creates a potion so that harry can turn into a girl and get pregnant. I liked this story but am not able to find it any where can u please find me a link of it