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    Lost a HP Fic

    So there is this story out there in HP fiction land that I have always gone back on because it's a person fave of mine. The gist of it is this: Hermoine is tricked into getting this 'enchanted slave girl' costume for a costume party at Hogwart's. Draco is the one that gets her to wear it, and he in turn wears the 'master' costume. Anyway, he gets her alone, but not before Harry comes to the 'rescue'...all kinds of things happen and basically it's this threesome relationship that grows and grows... Anyone know which story I am talking about?? Because I have been searching for it...I have lost the bookmark for the page and I am totally bumming and needing a HP fanfic fix!!
  2. MhercyAvenged

    Log In Help...

    Nevermind...just made a new account...
  3. MhercyAvenged

    I want to be your Beta

    Since I have been a fan of this web site for so long, I thought it appropriate to register myself and offer my services to any author. I am a grammar junkie - always pointing out errors in sentence construction and the wrong usage of words. I have this issue with words that are spelled incorrectly. I have plenty of text editing experience which would include how to properly diagram a sentence to ensure proper sentence structure. I actually have books on this stuff lining my office space! I can even offer assistance in 're-working' sentences so that they make proper sense as well. I am a fan of most all fiction - I would say that I try to steer clear of stories that I just don't understand and that would be anime and slash. I prefer romance, general, any fan fiction regarding movies, television show, etc, comics, cartoons, books, and celebrities. Contact me if you are in search of someone to help you make your work of fiction really stand out! Thanks! ~inked4life
  4. MhercyAvenged

    Stephanie Laurens

    Fan of Stephanie Laurens books - The Cynsters, The Bastion Club, etc. I would love to see someone post something based on her beloved characters! If an author is interested in doing so and would like someone to Beta that project, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would eagerly jump at the chance. Thanks! ~inked4life