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  1. RAWR! I be hyper!


  2. I don't know the origin but I do like the chimera. Word of warning though if you keep posting your own topics one of our admins may come after you with a karma stick
  3. So long as the bad guys don't win all the time it could be fun to work on Hellsing. How's a recent college grad with an english degree and a lot of free time sound as a partner in crime?
  4. Sorry having a bit of a busy week. Yes I am still interested.
  5. I commented yesturday but I am not so sure my message went through! If you are still willing to beta that fic for me, its available. Would you like to do it through email? I would love someone familiar with Saiyuki (the fandom is very particular)but mostly I want someone to help me keep the timeline etc

  6. New chapter finished. only 4 more to go unless I'm inspired.
  7. I've done 3 chapters properly and a further 2 in segments Title: The Data trap Author: Krakenknight Summary: Tai gains access to a program that allows him to change people in real ways. The problem is, he was the first person to be changed by its power. Rating: Adult+ Pairings: Tai X Just about everyone but Kenyako is the only non Mind controlled one Feedback: Please give I appreciate any feedback good or bad. URL:
  8. I'm willing to beta if you still want me

  9. I'm pretty sure my cousins are going to drive me to some kind of violence

  10. I'm the only person I know who Neg Karmaed himself

    1. JayDee


      Did you wash the sheets the next morning?

  11. I would be willing to do it but I warn you I haven't seen Gensomaden Saiyuki so I can only give you the proofreading sort of betaing.
  12. Hi I'm a little free on time at the moment and am quite willing to beta anyone who wants me. I'm open for anything except Harry Potter slash, don't do that for my sanity. I'm best in anime/Cartoon stuff but can read just about anything analytically if I know the setting. I'm a qualified English Teacher and have plenty of time to read so give me a try.
  13. I am the elusive writer seeking the butterfly known as smut. I love Anime, manga and the whole nerd culture in general. I'm also fond of writing stuff all over the place so if all you see is smut here don't write me off.
  14. Totally with you. I try and review every story I read at least once. Its just good manners.
  15. The basic premise is that Tohma (Thomas in English) is conducting an experiment in pheromone reactions in his attempt to find a cure for his sister. The problem is that due to an accidental spill Tohma becomes irresistible to any female who smells him and addictive to anyone who ingested his sperm. The story follows his attempts to enlist aid while accidentally setting off all of the show's female cast. Its light its comedic and its smutty. Anyone interested should either PM me or answer here.