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  1. teeheehee er, yeah, whatever gets you into his arms.
  2. wow, really? A summer child! So, your parents got busy like just before Christmas. XD
  3. I think he looks like he's getting what he wanted.
  4. Bless me father, for I am insane! XD
  5. XD DC is scared of flies of butter! Glad it worked out okay. I'll call off my ninjas.
  6. Or you're possessed. There was this exorcist who entered a sanitorium without his vestments, but on his person, he carried, as usual, the pyx. Well, lo and behold, a inmate suddenly started speaking Latin telling him that he was a priest. (the inmate had no knowledge of Latin, nor that he was a priest) Another time, a priest, fully vested came into the ward, and every single inmate started stripping.
  7. Yeah, well how many of you are really possessed?
  8. *chokes* *eyes as big as saucers* *drops cup from nerveless fingers*
  9. Yeah, my neighbor had a tough time after her hysterectomy and I can't imagine what my sister-in-law went through when she was put on steroids as part of her chemo before she passed on. I didn't even recognize her when I saw her.
  10. OC My OC's are a part of me. I'm so narcissistic that it's possible. (Not that I'm admitting any mental illness or anything) OC's very often are people that populate my dreams. Sometimes, based on real people I know. So character development of someone I know...I examine them...I pay attention to them..I analyze them....I stalk them...(oops, did I say "stalk"?) But I'm not that mentally unbalanced, really. I mean...I'm NOT a stalker. I could NEVER be a stalker. The Idea is totally repugnant.
  11. I voted "I don't know" Maybe I'll develop a Napoleon complex. Seeing as I'm so mentally disease free at the moment. Yes, I PLAN on it. I'll develop a Napoleon complex and ...wait aminute. That would make sense if I knew a famous author, or was the doorman at the building in which they worked. OK. Scrub that. What was I going to say now? Oh yeah. Very often, when the tables are turned, it isn't as fun as when the fan-ficking was done by us. (If you get my drift.) What I mean to say is: I ..(okay, I have to be searingly honest with you, so prepare to be shocked)...I fell in love with one or two of my (original) characters, and I would hate to see them compromised. I'm not really a yaoi fan, and if someone turned someone who was abused gay while the gay guy (who really is straight), loses all his power because of it or some kind of...nevermind. I'm warping my own mind with the thought.
  12. sorry DC, that's my first impression too. brushing you off. Sheesh, and they say women are convoluted. Maybe he's gay. anyway, let us know how it turns out, because now I'm agog.
  13. You know, I hate this fucking habit of mine regarding foot-in-mouth disease. I think that's the only mental illness I suffer from. God, forgive my fucking arrogance, and for saying fucking. *head/desk*
  14. perhaps I got the definition wrong. I know what an obsessive compulsive person can be like. They CAN'T HELP IT. THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP. They keep doing it without thinking, and not thinking until it's done. There's a girl who tightens the water taps so hard, that they are difficult to turn back on. Things like that. Things that start filling up your life so much, that you realize you want to stop at all costs. It is so bad that you can't stop thinking that maybe you aren't quite right in the head and you consider going to seek help for it. When you want to stop and you can't. That's obsessive compulsive.
  15. nope nothing and I don't live on "de Nile" like the rest of the Egyptians. Occasional yearning for the 'peace pipe' Do NOT yearn for any cid or mj Once in a while will want a beer and dreams of re-experiencing that 'shroom thing that went on in the bar that one time. No, it wasn't the promise of a wet T-shirt contest and no interest whatsoever on how exactly a B-52 is made. Just a nice view from under the table. Very nice. Hysterical even. You see, even bread will affect my mood. Whatever I put into my system, I am very aware of the effects. There was this tea I drank once for a certain reason, and it's surprising side-effect was a painless...(leave sentence unfinished) and exercise too. I read this study on how calcium is circulated throughout the body...nevermind....kind of boring, but the upshot was: exercise in regular forms actually helps your mental health. Fresh air as well. Turkey meat is good. It's loaded with seratonin. So...no. I know how to take care of my emotions, because if I don't. If I'm not the strong one...I honestly don't know what will happen. I guess, deep down, I realize how important I am to those around me, although I'd never admit it, since it sound so...egotistical, but basically, all this random thought brought up by this thread has ended me here. I am important. I have to take care of myself, because no one else can. Two years ago. Hell, two hours ago, I'd be bragging about all my mental ailments, as nebulous as they are: the PMS, the ...the PMS. And that other one: you know. (PMS) (GOD, I wish I spent a week of every month unconscious.) But I understand these chemical things that go on in the body. I can MAKE myself hallucinate by not eating or drinking for four days. But why would I want to do that? I can get all trembly for no reason, then remember: Hey, I just downed 4 cups of coffee on an empty stomach, no wonder I'm seeing dots! I'M NORMAL!!!! (ooh, I can't WAIT for menopause. They say women go NUTs at menopause)
  16. No. No. I am not compulsive, nor obsessive. I'm so laid back it's unbelievable. I did do the tile thing back in grade 7, though, but only because I was bored, and that silly rhyme would run through my head: "step on a crack, and you break your mother's back, step on a line, and break your mother's spine." Or I would count between the lines to see how many steps it took to get past it. (It was 2-1/2). Change is good. The closest thing I have to that sort of behaviour now is checking to see if the Eagle is hunting the pigeons. (He always sits between the two bridges in the cottonwood tree that is dead at the top.) (Did that sentence make sense?)
  17. Trae has so many brains!
  18. "Advised repair schedule; reboot startup disc, offline for 36 hours and replace head." (Kryten) I guess not very helpful, but I'm not a geek. (of that sort, n e way)
  19. I haven't read it yet, but judging by everyone's reactions, it seems to me that this type of person got through life by getting her own way by making a big stink, a big scene. Her daughter is learning fast. *goes to read it* Okay I read it, and I say fire the damn Principal. This Geiger character certainly did not support her staff very well. Looks like she's following her own rule. That being said, the mysterious Doctor's note could have been explained a tad better. My sister missed 2 months of school in grade 4 because she got hit by a car and was in traction for that amount of time. They passed her that year, but she had missed a great deal (She did some from her hospital bed, but really for 2 weeks she was so groggy from pain and pain killers that I don't think she was even conscious) Anyway, even the next year was difficult for her because of that work she missed, and I think that even for grade 4 work, this was pretty damn important stuff.
  20. Ah. Got mixed up. It wasn't Jubei Chan either, although that was hilarious, I mean Arjuna. *Later* (enter, stage right) The first episode was incomprehensible. Was that a parody of Sailor Moon? (Pan up?) I think my jaw was dropped the entire episode. I can see why you liked it though, since she has red hair. Out of focus shots, camera off angle, the pov (narrator) is some kind of director/camera man? Thank God for episode 2. I nearly didn't continue. It's pretty funny stuff, and well drawn. (exit, stage left)
  21. I've just finished eps 16 of Darker Than Black. The artwork is so clean. (Bleach is so disappointing in that way, and SO many fillers argh!) Shinsen-Subs dropped it (DTB) after eps 10 so I was scrambling around for a while tearing my hair out and considering gnawing off my right arm. Fortunately, Syndicate took it over, so yeah, I'm saved, and my right arm thanks me. (I was starting to download RAWs) I will definitely check out The Melancholy...thingy. FLCL...I started reading the Manga...wait, I think daughter #2 downloaded it. That started with a farm boy leaving for the city, right? An anime that I'm ambivalent about, but has EXCELLENT artwork, is um...what the heck was it now? J something. *goes to look it up* Hmm...I think it's "Jubei Chan" If you liked Cowboy Bebop (sheesh, what a title) you might like Scrapped Princess.
  22. StoryJunkie

    Deleting Reviews

    No. Maybe I ought to let Orochimaru write something. I'll try the rant section one day. (I"m just to chicken to really speak my mind.) No, no that's not it. In reality, I deeply believe that being angry is a waste of time. I think I got all sarcastic and cold in the abortion thread, that's about my limit. I'm a pretty passionless person, I guess. Or maybe just not unleashed. Anyway, anger leads to anger. There's no spiraling down, just bitterness. An aftertaste of something you never recover from. I can get annoyed. I can understand PMS. I can understand pain. I don't understand revenge. I don't understand violence. er...did my mind wander off into some philosophical thing?...oops
  23. I wear butt-flaps. Like George.
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