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  1. Fruehling

    Duplicate Post

    Seriously, does anyone even READ this?!
  2. Fruehling

    Duplicate Post

    Name: Fringe Name: Smells Like Boy
  3. Fruehling

    Duplicate Post

    Link: http://naruto.adultf...p?no=1296776063
  4. Fruehling

    Misplaced in Naruto

    A list of recent(most of them) and older stories in the wrong sub-category: Need to be moved to Naruto-Male/Male-Iruka/Kakashi: Escort Iruka's Sex Ed Love's Ambition The Bath house (extended mix) The Right Way Need to be moved to Naruto AU/AR-Male/Male: Sacrifices The Agoraphobic Incubus The Dom and the Writer Needs to be moved to Naruto-Male/Male-Itachi/Naruto: Forgiveness Thanks Frühling
  5. Fruehling

    Anyone reading German stories ?

    Of course I'm reading German stories( I am from Germany after all ); just not here because there is almost nothing to be found. That's the main reason I started reading in English. Thats the main problem with German fics -there arent so many to be found on English websites since there aren't so many English-spreaking people knowing the German language as well. It's quite different the other way around.