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  1. I've been in a slump lately. My muse seems to have abandoned me for the moment. Any suggestions? I've tried just about everything.

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    2. Keith Inc.

      Keith Inc.

      Just write.

      I sit and type everything that comes into my mind. After a while, the muse gets tired of 'Is this working i don't konw if this is working it is boaring ah! i said boaring! like screwing a pig into a wall what an image can i use it? naw. God this is boring.

      Then she gets pissed and give me the next chapter.

    3. yukihimedono


      My solution was yard work for three days. I shunned everything else. Got a nice tan thou. XD

    4. yukihimedono


      @ Keith: that's the reason I have tons of have started stories on my hard drive. LOL! Ironically, I came up with three different stories while on my so-called 'break'.