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    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    My apologies for not remembering the summary, the name, or the author's name. I really thought this story was good and I loved it to death and it was very well written. From what I remember of it, it starts off where King Ozai is forcing Prince Zuko to rape Katara because the sages have foretold of the next avatar to be of the Fire Nation. ((This is after Aang dies)) Prince Zuko loves Katara very much, but Katara is morbidly set against him because she thinks Zuko's betrayed her when he begins to listen to his father and beg for his father's forgiveness. So King Ozai forces Prince Zuko to rape Katara endlessly, keeping a close watch on them because he doesn't trust his son in all actuality, they go through some hardships in the Fire Nation, Sokka is being held prisoner and his mind has cracked, Toph and rebels have been forced underground. Finally Toph comes to save Sokka and Katara, also saving Zuko and splits them up, taking Zuko elsewhere and sending Katara, now pregnant into the desert while carrying twins. They are hidden away for several years, neither Katara or Zuko see each other. Suddenly, somehow Zuko gets hurt badly and is not only just about completely burned from head to toe, but he loses his memory. It takes him coming to save Katara and his twins to finally remember. It seems that on several occasions the story will go into the spirit realm and you'll see Azula, Iroh, Aang, and even King Ozai after he is killed by Zuko in this realm.......more story...... finally Zuko takes Katara and their children to an Earth kingdom as refugees where Katara is a healer to make a living, she becomes pregnant again when the spirit of Ozai comes and spirits away their son of their set of twins. Anyone know the name of this story or who it's by? Thanks it's appreciated!
  2. Angel_omara

    Why Are They Erased?

    I've been on here for months but didn't sign up until recently. I know that this thread is probably misplaced, but I'm angry and pissed that my "Original" works which are CORRECTLY placed, per the rules and regulations on this site with a correct disclaimer format! IS CONSTANTLY BEING REMOVED?!?!?!?! But my fanfictions are completely left alone? I am very pissed about this and about ready to take my business elsewhere, and to a different place where I can place my "DONATIONS" and MY STORIES where people won't remove them.