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  1. A few other things I remember about the first story..... when kagome is pregnant, in the feudal era, she carries the children in her womb, but when she passes thru the well, the babies (3) take on their own glow, talk, and stay behind in the well as kagome goes on to her own time, awaiting her return. So she looks normal and skinny and "un-pregnant" in her own modern time. Does this ring any bells with people out there??? ~queenie
  2. So far so good. Thank you two for the help on You Darkness. Now to resume the search for the other.........
  3. I am desperately searching for a couple of stories I read a few years back, and they are haunting me. Was wondering if anyone could help me please. #1. Its a long story, and it sequels many times into their children. Inuyasha and Kagome glow and shine their auras in bright bursts of blue for inu, pink for kag. lots of humor in it. #2. FOUND, THANK-YOU A/U setting about the whole group going to kag time and helping free girls from a rape gang that took over a whole city block after an attempt (i think) on kag. Even Sess comes and helps. If i remember right, i think kag gets taken too. HUGE battle and lots of houses on fire too. I do not remember which sites I found them, with the divorce in all, so all save points were destroyed. Anyone that can halp me, well, *hugs*