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    lost in a void
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    My interests include anime, plenty of reading materials, skilled artwork, my grandfather's murals, hunting with my dad and the other grandfather, wildlife, my friends, getting done with the weddings I have to participate in, chibi-fying my friends and family--which it seems I'm rather good at, pets, Mountain Dew (because I'm addicted and it helps me not kill people), deer and elk meat (because wild meat is not only typically healthier for you, but also costs less if you butcher it at home, though it is time consuming)...and I can't think of anything else right now.

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  1. Finding out you're pregnant and already halfway done with a bare minimum of signs, despite suspicions and at home tests saying negative. It's surprising how much I take after my mother in the odd things - strange allergies, talking to animals and children like there's no doubt they'll understand me, pregnancy with very few signs and the baby tending to lay near my back....

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    2. Cuzosu


      Well, I won't say there's not a certain amount of irony in the timeline here, but all in all, it could have been much worse. So far, I'm pretty happy. Husband freaked out for a bit - "OH GOD, the things we'll have to buy!" - but I stopped him cold on that and pointed out just how many people would be giving us stuff for the baby. (And it turns out I underestimated the number, which surprised me.)

    3. Cuzosu


      He's happy, too, although we both wanted to smack his mom and grandma for thinking we weren't happy about it. We're very pragmatic and tend to take things as they come, and for some reason they thought the lack of giddy enthusiasm meant we were unhappy about it. Sitting there thinking, "Gee, didn't know our every emotion had to be visible." I thought they'd at least appreciate the relative lack of hormonal pregnant mood swings, but....

    4. Cuzosu


      Meanwhile, we're both concerned by the imminent spoiling. There are already four boys in this generation; this will be the first girl. Okay, might actually still be twins, considering the half-assed ultrasound, but I still have to have an echo done to check for heart murmurs (runs in the family), and twins often hide from ultrasounds anyway. *shrug* Twins is actually what most of us were at least half expecting me to end up with, so.... Not that it'll lessen the love for a single chil...