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    Les Misérables

    I've found only two Les Mis stories, and both were het, plus one of them is Marius/Éponine. *shudders* Nobody writes Les Mis slash? Sooo many pretty Frenchboys. Plus the gangsters. Oh, and of course, cop x con games...
  2. Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle from Forgotten Realms Snape no, not just, I'm in love with him since PoA Britt (knife-throwing badass guy) from The Magnificent Seven Cheyenne from Once Upon A Time In The West El Indio from For A Few Dollars More Beadle from Sweeney Todd (no, really. He's somehow adorable. But not in the movie, in the '82 stage video! His high notes explode the chandelier and he's so funny.) And I'm constantly in love with Inspector Javert from Les Miz, because he screams for slashing!