Love blooms in the ghost zone

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Maddie was working on the Specter Speeder when Jack accidentally sent it into the ghost zone with her and Danny in it (Danny was there because Maddie asked him for help)

They was "lost" (Danny knew how to get back but didn't tell her because he didn't want her to find out he's been in the ghost zone before) as Maddie tried to find the way home the two if them grew closer they were about to have sex when Maddie found the way out and they stopped

That night at dinner had a uncomfortable silence Jack believed it was because Maddie was mad at him for getting her and Danny lost in the ghost zone (she was but only a little) Jazz didn't know what but she could tell it had to do with her mom and brother 

Danny was in his room thinking about what nearly happened in the ghost zone and wishing that Maddie hadn't seen the portal when his door got a knock and he heard Maddie asked him if he was awake after she came in she locked his door and dropped her robe revealing her lingerie and she asked if he wanted to pick up where they left off

The next morning Danny was worried because they wasn't quiet last night but his dad and sister didn't seem to notice after they left (Jack got to hunt some ghosts and Jazz to tutor someone) Danny asked Maddie (he calls her Maddie now by her request except when they have sex she still wants to be called mom) why didn't they notice she told him that her room was sound proof and then he and Jazz started puberty she made their rooms sound proof as well she then asked if he wanted to fuck her somewhere in the house he gave her a list which was in her room , Jazz's room, the shower, the lab

Maddie grabbed his had and said let's start in Jazz's room then move to the lab if they have time before Jack and Jazz get home then her room no matter what they was going to finish in the shower even if they are home

Sometime as they are in the lab Jazz gets home and realized that something happened in her room she went looking around the house and found Danny and Maddie having sex in the lab she heard them as they was getting dressed that they was go to see if anyone was home so she pretend that she just got home she saw Danny get some clothes and go into the bathroom and a minute later saw Maddie with clothes sneak in there at dinner she watched as her mom and brother was flirting at the dinner table (Jack didn't realize) and after dinner she talked to her mom about what she seen today

Maddie told her that she's fallen in love with Danny and they are waiting for him to finish school before she leaves Jack and marry Danny Jazz tried to get Maddie to stop it so Maddie made a deal with Jazz she'll have Danny go to Jazz's room tonight they have sex and if Jazz can go back to normal with Danny in the morning she'll break up with him Jazz reluctantly agreed

When Danny was told what was happening he knew he had to do his best otme lose Maddie Jazz was waiting for him and as they was having sex he noticed that she was trying to keep her voice down and if she gets to loud she looks at the door only for Danny to tell her that the room is sound proof

The next day Maddie and Jazz was in the kitchen Maddie asked if Jazz could go back to just being brother and sister only for her to say no and beg her mom to let her join in her and Danny's relationship Maddie kisses Jazz on the lips and said ok then they noticed that Sam was standing there and asked how much she heard she said enough to get to join in 

You choice if any other girls get added 

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