The simpsons bets

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One day Bart walked in on Marge naked she wasn't upset just embarrassed at first but the following days Bart been trying to see her naked again she decided to make a bet with him if he gets an A on his next test she'll let him see her naked whenever he wants if he doesn't he has to stop unfortunately for her the next test Martin Prince accidentally gave out the answers so the whole class got an A

He Bart was looking at her he went to touch her she stopped him and he said double or nothing he beats Homer in a contest she'll have to do whatever he's wanted and if he loses he'll have to do whatever Marge wants at dinner Bart challenged Homer and won (your choice what it was) as Bart was leaving he told Marge to come to his room tonight after Homer fell asleep and to wear something sexy

Marge thinking he just wanted to see her in some of her sexy underwear changes into her sexiest underwear and left to Bart's room and was shocked when Bart told her that from now on they will be having sex with Marge telling him she thought he just wanted to see her in her underwear only for him to mention that he could see her naked whenever he wanted to after a few months of having sex with Bart Marge found herself injoying sex with Bart more than with Homer to the pont that she stopped having sex with him and ended up pregnant with Bart's baby

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