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In this Fry was born female she looks like she does in the episode neutopia and it's up to you what her first name is 

She thought she finally got a girlfriend when but saw her with a man and was told her it was a drunken mistake on Michelle part

when in the future Leela feeling bad for Fry not having a place to live (especially when she overheard a couple of guys who was offering her to stay with them was just going gangbang her then kick her out) let her stay with her Leela quickly learn that Fry is a lesbian and has been checking her out since they met she told Fry that she wasn't interested in women

the next day while at work she Leela walked in on Fry and Amy having sex and got jealous and started fighting Amy for Fry

Fry who never had women fighting over her didn't know what to do and tried to get them to stop arguing they decided to go an a three way date and whoever Fry went home with will be her girlfriend 

Fry was at a club waiting for them and when they got there Leela and Amy was wearing sexy outfits at the end of the date Fry told them she can't decide she likes them both and Amy suggested that they let their bodies decide and took both Fry and Leela to her apartment and  started taking turns having sex with Fry until one of the got  impatient and made it into a threesome and then Leela and Amy decided that they will both date Fry and Amy asked them to move in with her

your choice if any thing else happens in the story

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