Homer's will

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Moe found Homer's will and made the decision to change it so it now has that it says that Marge would marry him after Homer's death unfortunately he messed up and put Bart's name and then killed Homer

At the will reading Moe was shocked when Marge would marry Bart was read Marge looked at Bart and said if that what Homer wanted and she and Bart left to Las Vegas (Ned was preventing the wedding from happening in Springfield) with grandpa watching Lisa and Maggie 

Marge bought a new wedding dress but the only dress she was able to get was very revealing after the wedding in their hotel Marge told Bart to give her a moment she had to do her hair (she had her down for the wedding and was going to put it back to normal) Bart stop her telling her that he liked her hair down

When Bart and Marge get back to Springfield the find out that Moe was arrested for killing Homer and started sex in the master bedroom anything else is up to you

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