Halloween haunt

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It's Halloween and Jack Fenton is getting ready for his yearly ghost hunting after all the best time to hunt some ghosts is on the night where people are dressed in costumes 

As Jazz was leaving for a costume party Danny who told his mom that he'll hand out the candy this year (his plan was to leave the candy bowl with a sign that said take one so he can go to Paulina's because he overheard her telling the other cheerleaders that her plan was to wear sexy ghost costume to attract the ghost boy) asking Jack to stay home this year and not get arrested attacking kids and stay with her she has a sexy costume Jack said he would as soon as Maddie left to get charged Jack heard a ghost and saw a kid in a ghost costume and ran out to chach him 

Danny went upstairs to let Maddie know but got curious what costume she was wearing went ghost to check her out and he saw his naked mom putting on her costume and decided to overshadow her and put the thought in her head that if Jack disappointed her she'll fuck the next man she sees Danny then went to her bedroom door opened it and said dad went ghost hunting Maddie turned to Danny and told him to get on the bed

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