Maternal Instincts alternative

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As Maddie was leaving Danny with Vlad she told him to distract him after not finding a phone she knew what she has to do she goes back to the living room wearing sexy lingerie but only sees Danny he told her that Vlad stepped out for a bit 

Maddie told Danny that anything that happens on this trip stays on this trip because she's going to have to sleep with Vlad to get them home before Vlad has mountain bikes, cars, and a helicopter but no phone only to realize that they could take the helicopter

As Maddie was leaving to change back Danny stopped her saying that she was going to cheat and that she already said that anything that happens on this trip stays on this trip Maddie reluctantly agreed and followed Danny to a room

Back home Danny and Maddie walked in and found Jack taking a hit to save Jazz and dies afterwards Danny was in his room when his door opened and Maddie came in she got on his and said that she didn't want to be alone before Danny can say anything she kisses him

This story is from Danny's P.O.V and how long the story is and if Jazz ever finds out or if she joins them is up to you

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