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Potter's Political Harem

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Harry Potter should be a Political Juggernaut, Lord of 2 Houses, 2 seats on the Wizengamot, Auror captain, Victor over the worst Dark Lord in 700 years, The Boy-who-lived and The Man-who-won, he should immediately get his way, and for a long time he was. Until the Dark Factions made a alliance with the centrist and even some fringe Light families to halt and reverse any policy Harry made a show of supporting. That is until Harry finds a new pair of allies.


Hestia and Flora Carrow were outcast among the Outcast. Products of their Parents own Incestuous inclinations, they were left abandoned by the ministry as children, growing up among Dark Families that saw them as a stain on their society, of the vile Insanity best kept below the surface that Voldemort allowed to boil to the top of his ranks. Isolated and Ignored Hestia and Flora plotted and planned, many going to hell when they realized they didn't have the entire picture, that is until now. With the Others of the Dark Faction would bet against Potter now, they would counter. Go all in behind him and to make sure they would succeed, they would gather their chips, Daughters from the Wizengamot. What better way to control the men of the nation than through their daughters and wives. 

-TLDR: Harry tries to move Britain forward until a anti-Harry Voting Block Forms. Hestia and Flora are outside of this block and decide to counter it by joining Harry, while getting Harry to fuck everyone else's Wives or Daughters for Blackmail, Coercion, Line Theft or just plain old Usurping. The fact that the Carrows get to enjoy Harry and the Other girls as well is just icing on the cake


Requirements - 

1) Harry and The Carrows don't Kidnap or Rape anyone, they just talk the girls into it, the power comes from using this as a leverage point over their fathers and husband's less the Lord loses face or the Harem figures out a way to straight up Usurp power from the lord to Harry

2) Hestia and Flora have similar predilections as their Parents and enjoy having sex with each other as well as others. Fortunately they can't impregnate each other.

3) Harry has Grown up to be Voldemort's Equal and more, Tall, handsome, magically powerful, in great shape and sharp. Harry was changing the world for the better until a unholy alliance of smaller light houses, Grey Houses and Dark Houses joined to stop Him. 

4) Harry has incredible Sexual Endurance and increased Libido as well as a massive penis. This can be due to his Potter Lineage, a "Curse" placed on him or even result of a ritual(s) 

Restrictions - 

1) Harry romancing a male character

2) Hestia and Flora betraying Harry (he is one of the few people who doesn't hold their parents against them nor does he hate their Incestuous relationship between them) 

3) Backlash on Harry for sleeping with the girls, he's technically Single (although you can say he's dating both Carrows).

Request from me - 

1) Harry Blackmails some of the Wizengamot members with the knowledge of their daughters Kinks, some like being tied up, or beaten with whips, one even likes go pretend she's a Dog for him. These fathers don't want this known and so they vote how Harry tells them to

2) Some of the girls can't take their own seats and so the person sitting for them is only there until the girl gets Married and hands it to her Husband, allowing Harry a way to Usurp their seat

3) Known Cuckold's loose respect in Wizard Society and so if anyone would find out That Harry is fucking someone's wife, that would be a bad look and so some members of the Wizengamot fall in line less their wives out their preference for Potter in bed

4) Harry Ends up with a Massive Harem of Wives, Concubines and Mistresses as a well as control of 60% of the Wizengamot either through genuine alliances like with the Bones, Abbotts, Longbottoms ect, through his tricks or just through shear cult of personality. 

Suggestions for Scenes and Partners - 

Pansy's Father died in the War and so her Cousin holds the seat, Pansy hasn't had sexy in a decade and so when Harry fucks her into a coma and then the Carrows lick her to heaven she will do anything for them, including binding herself as a Concubine

Romilda Vane's father is light sided but against Harry until Harry Blackmails him with the information that Romilda likes to be collared and treated like a Dog. 

Su Li's Father of the Neutral Faction, learns his Daughter likes to be beaten with a Cat of Nine Tails and less that become publicly known, he will have to vote with Harry. 

Malfoy and Theo Nott are informed they should soon vote yes on Potter's Bribery reform Bill unless Daphne and Astoria go Public with the fact that Potter has been Cuckolding them both, some times Simultaneously. 

Lilith Moon's Granduncle learns his Granddaughter is soon to be Missus Black and less he wants a legal battle, Harry Potter will be taking the seat


OC's are welcome and encouraged, if you want to add other females to the Harem that aren't connected with the plot, go a head but they can't stop or should they want to stop his plans

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