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Harry Potter/Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose: Ensorced Mage of the Beauties

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Harry Potter for many centuries has been exploring the many worlds, planets and even universes in his purview. That is until he arrives in a new world, much like his its a world flush with Magic and Magical beings. Unlike his own this is a world where magic is gifted by the God's, Demons and the Earth itself. It's here that he meets Rowan aka Tarot and learns of her battle against her sister. Fortunately for Harry it's a world of Beautiful women and Sex. 


1) Harry is the Master of Death, that makes him a minor God of a universal force, meaning he can travel across universes and through the cosmos. He must land now in the world of BroadSword Comic's flagship series Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. 


2) Harry must fight and fuck his way through the gorgeous ladies of the world. 


3) As Raven Hex resists completely falling to the dark side, Harry must be her anchor to keep her sane... Also fucks her Consistently into bliss



1) M/M Relationships

2) Evil! Harry

3) Prudish Harry

Challengers Request:

1) Harry/Boo Cat/Licorice Dust/Raven Hex

2) Jon Webb doesn't exist in this version of the world

3) Harry is seen as a God because he is a source of magic rather than getting it from a place or god

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