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The Bilquis Ritual: Mother and Devourer NOTES/REVIEWS/REPLIES

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Named for a Character from Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” – The Bilquis Ritual involves the following:

The Bilquis Ritual – Part One: the fertile carrier selected for the ritual, using a ritualistic ceremony, absorbs volunteering sexual partners into their wombs via their vagina. They must bring their partner to orgasm before applying pressure to their partner’s shoulders at which point, the volunteering sexual partner will slip into the fertile carrier’s vaginal opening and in their womb. The carrier’s belly will protrude largely as the body dissolves and before regaining its unaltered shape. The volunteer’s body, magical core, and family-inherited magics of every volunteer are absorbed into a single egg. This makes the future fetus more and more powerful, with diverse skills and family-inclined talents, with every absorbed Volunteer. See full Ritual on page 431.

The Bilquis Ritual – Part Two: The Sire then impregnates the carrier with his seed, becoming the father of the fetus created from the egg developed by the Bilquis Ritual – Part One. Once the carrier is impregnated, the Sire then sacrifices his body for his soul to enter into the fetus. Eleven months later, the carrier gives birth to the sire's new body. The sire then ingests aging potions to reach an appropriate age. The Sire can be blood adopted so they will not be genetically related to the carrier. See full Ritual on page 433.


Mother/Devourer: Aurelius Nicodemus Peregrinus Renatus Vesperus Travers (Nico de Salazar nee Travers)

Bilqius Ritual – Flesh (Volunteers)/Their Contributions:

Cygnus Black (Dark Arts, Metamorphmagus Blood, Black Family Magic, Power)

Fleur Delacour (Seduction, Elemental Power, Delacour Family Magic, Power)

Astoria Greengrass (Accelerated Healing, Potions Talent, Greengrass Family Magic)

Adrien Pucey (Shadow Magic, Pucey Family Magic, Power)

Oliver Travers (Blood Magic, Longevity, Intelligence, Travers Family Magic)

Thaddeus Nott (Runic Magic, Wards Wright, Nott Family Magic)

Basil Selwyn (Intelligence, Power, Mind Arts, Selwyn Family Magic)

Ginny Weasley (Enchanting Talent, Herbology Talent, Weasley-Prewet Family Magic, Power)

Selene Yaxley (Curse Breaking Talent, Mind Arts Talent, limited Prophetic Ability, Yaxley Family Magic)

Aleric Avery (Elemental Power, Chain Spell Crafting, Avery Family Magic, Power)

Aston Carrow (Bone Magic, Alchemic Talent, Mirror Magic, Carrow Family Magic, Power)

Barty Crouch-Black (Illusionary Magic, Sensory Magic, Crouch Family Magic, Power)

Xerxes Lestrange (Dark Necromancy, Animation Magic, Lestrange Family Magic, Power)

Lisandra Burke (Forging Magic, Channeling Magic, Burke Family Magic)

Dustin Fawley (Sentience Magic, Animation Magic, Binding Magic, Fawley Family Magic, Power)

Marrianne Flint (Martial Magic Talent, Shield Magic Talent, Flint Family Magic)

Leander Malfoy (Elemental Power, Seduction, Ritual Magic, Malfoy Family Magic, Power)

Alexia Rosier (Sex Magic, Mind Arts, Puppeteer Magic, Rosier Family Magic, Power)

Rochelle Rowle (Aura Sight, Linking Magic, Shadow Magic, Rowle Family Magic)

Olivia Krum (Spell Crafting Talent, Wards Wright Talent, Earth Magic, Krum Family Magic, Power)

Elias Ravenswood (Psionic Manipulation, Mind Magic (Telekinesis), Sensory Illusions, Ravenswood Family Magic)

Jenna Hawthorne (Temporal Sight, Dimensional Magic, Illusionary Magic, Hawthorne Family Magic, Power)

Seirra Prince (Potions Talent, Spell Crafting Talent, Blood Magic, Sex Magic, Ritual Magic, Prince Family Magic)


Bilqius Ritual – Seed/Their Contributions: (The Seed Contributors are not pulled into Aurelius’s womb)

Tom M. Riddle Jr. ǀ Lord Voldemort (Gaunt Family Magic, Power, Parseltongue, Parselrunes, SOUL)

James Potter (Potter Family Magic, Transfiguration Talent, Martial Magic, Power) 

Sirius Black (Dark Arts, Metamorphmagus Blood, Black Family Magic, Power)

Bill Weasley (Enchanting Talent, Herbology Talent, Weasley-Prewet Family Magic, Power)

Rabastan Lestrange  (Dark Necromancy, Animation Magic, Lestrange Family Magic, Power)

Regulus Black (Dark Arts, Metamorphmagus Blood, Black Family Magic, Power)

Aquila Selwyn-Black (Dark Arts, Metamorphmagus Blood, Black Family Magic, Power, Intelligence, Mind Arts, Selwyn Family Magic)

Evan Rosier (Sex Magic, Mind Arts, Puppeteer Magic, Rosier Family Magic, Power)

Harrison Potter (Blood Magic, Martial Magic, Transfiguration Talent, Potter Family Magic, Power)


TAGS (Which will appear on Archive of Our Own – Considering that AFF doesn’t have them like this...)

Tags: Dead Dove do Not Eat, Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Language, Explicit Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Mpreg, Pregnancy Kink, Breeding Kink, Double Penetration (one hole), Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Harems, Polygamy, Knotting, Bestiality, Pregnant Bestiality, Incest, Pregnant Incest, Mother-Son Incest, Twin-Incest, Father-Son Incest, Uncle-Nephew Incest, Dubious Consent, Pregnant Sex, Weird Biology, Time Travel, Evil Albus Dumbledore, Molly Weasley Bashing, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-Con, NO Graphic Rape/Non-Con, Come Inflation, Animagus Bestiality, Pregnant Animagus Bestiality, Stockholm Syndrome, Egglaying, Eggspreg, Transformations, Hermaphrodites, Hermaphrodite Harry, Nonconsensual Body Modification, Consensual Body Modification, Potions, Dark Magic, Impregnation, Cervix Penetration, Topping from the Bottom, Dark Harry Potter, Dark Hermione Granger, Dark Ginny Weasley, Dark Bill Weasley, Dark Charlie Weasley, Dark Fred Weasley, Dark George Weasley, Neutral Ron Weasley, Neutral Percy Weasley, Neutral Arthur Weasley, Centaurs, Basilisks, Giant Squid, Erlking, Sirius Black Lives, Kidnapping, Nonconsensual Use of Potions, World Building, Dark Rituals, Blood Rituals, Light Necromancy, Sexual Rituals, Dark Necromancy, Pagan Religions, Altered History, Male Lactation, Nongraphic Births, Graphic Pregnancy, Pregnant Sex, Pregnant Belly Worship, Altered Bloodlines, Original Characters, Out of Character, Alternative Universe, Underaged Sex – Teens,

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Guest Inkstone-Serpent

Author’s Note: Misplaced my Password and Email. Have new (similar email address)

Universe/Timeline Notes: Considering this story takes place in an alternative universe of the Harry Potter series – Cornelius Fudge is still the Minister of Magic, the Ministry has yet to acknowledge the return of Voldemort, Neville Longbottom is the Boy-Who-Lived, Dolores Umbridge did teach a year of Defense Against the Dark Arts, but was relieved of her position as a Professor by the School board at the end of the year, and the battle in the Department of Mysteries did not occur. Voldemort returned in Harrison’s first year, unbeknownst to Dumbledore, so while the Triwizard tournament did occur it does not end with the Graveyard scene or the death of Cedric Diggory. Diggory ultimately won the Triwizard tournament.

So, my lovely readers, which scene was your favorite?  It’s there a particular kink or thematic request you’d like me to consider the inclusion of? Please remember, for future chapters, that this story is work of fantasy and I feel so inclined I will take artistic liberties of my characters’ biology – meaning expect Snape to give birth to like twenty babies!? This is a fantasy story after all, apparently in more ways than one.

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