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Guest LittleBirdy

Big crossover about Bowser creating a harem

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Guest LittleBirdy

So I’m looking for a story, that I read several years ago by now, but have not been able to locate since.

What I read was not the full story, but what had come up on google when I searched for Bowser/Peach, I believe. The full story was a crossover between many different franchises, with many different women becoming Bowser’s slaves. What I read was a later chapter of the story, the one where Peach was brought to Bowser’s throne room.

What I remember from the story is vague, but I remember there being two girls from other game series already there serving Bowser. I don’t remember the games but I do remember one of them had blue hair.

The description of Bowser’s cock was very vivid, and it was described as monstrously huge, so much that the girls were more rubbing themselves against it than sucking it, and it was a big part of why the story was so hot.

The chapter started with Peach defiant, but she pretty quickly gave in to her desires and when the chapter was done she was ready to willingly become his property (very fast, but hey that’s fanfiction for ya).

It was one of my favorite things to read online, but I just can’t find it anymore, no matter the search terms I put in. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

(Oh btw, a detail that might help is that I seem to recall Bowser having guards called “Futa Troopas” or something similar)

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