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I'm a 18 year old girl I got the sex talk when I first hit puberty however for me it was not need to as my mom was telling me about sex between a male and a female as I was never into boys

When my dad wasn't home I told her that I was a lesbian and asked her if she knew anyone who could teach me how to please a another woman mom told me to go to my room she has to make a call

After a few minutes mom came to my room sat next to me on my bed and told me that she called my dad to see what time he was going to be home tonight with was a few hours away

Thinking she was mad at me (she and dad wanted grandkids and I was an only child so that was probably not going to happen) I tried to apologize but before I could she kissed me she then told me that I didn't need a lesson in kissing she then start to take her clothes off seeing my confusion she told me that when she was in college she found that she was bisexual and this was how her girlfriend taught her how to have sex with a another woman she also told me not to tell dad about this because she and dad was dating in highschool but went to different colleges apparently dad didn't cheat on her (he said he didn't but it up to you if you want it to be true or not) but she fell for her roommate and was having a hard time choosing one of them she eventually realized who she loved more her roommate but by then it was to late as the roommate believed that mom wasn't ever going to take their relationship seriously and found a different girlfriend so mom decided to pretend that relationship never happened and went back to dad

The mom is 36 with D cup breasts and the daughter has C cup breasts and a shared pussy

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