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Harry is Ron and The Twins Slave

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Guest Masquerade360

The pairing for this story idea is harry somehow become ron’s and/or the twins slave, whether because of a badly worded vow that magic takes to the extreme or by a life debt or contract, the how is up to you.

would rather they still see harry as their friend while also treating him as a slave but its up to you.

they can let others use harry for whatever they want, but they have to vow or make an oath to keep it secret from anyone who dosen’t know harry is their slave if you wnat to have them keep it a secret.

the other weasley’s can use harry but he is only ron’s and/or the twins slave

Must be Included: 

  • Harry drinking their piss
  • foot fetish
  • sweat fetish
  • rimming
  • blowjobs
  • double penetration
  • threesomes or moresomes
  • BDSM
  • rough oral
  • Not Allowed: 
  • no abusing harry
  • no sexual interactions with females unless they are futanari 

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