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Guest jay

looking for a ron / hermione / harry fic

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Guest jay

i’m looking for a ron/harrry/hermione fic, i believe it was in moresome’s and it’s been a few years since i read it. it’s always been on my mind but looking through all of the pages can be ugh! still i enjoyed it! as for the fic! i’m pretty sure it was a one shot ( at least when i read it ) was set after the war i believe? the trio were living together but i think ron and hermione we’re either ready to take the next step together or just very much in love and harry was very much feeling alone. he was very depressed, kinda crying at the sight of them being loving. he even thought about possibly moving out? 

i can’t remember if he was in love with ron at first as well or hermione but he liked one and started to like the other and realized that at some point he might not have a place in either life. this all lead up to the a big break out in front of them and trying to ignore it but hermione is all like..y’know they all together 4ever and the three of them end up having sex. it ended with like the next morning harry was in the shower and kinda feeling awkward about the night when ron joined him? like he the only thought the sex thing would happen with the three of them but ron was like ‘im tappin that ass’

if you know of this or a story like this pls! help me out...i’ve started to look again we’re on moresome page 3 rn thank you!

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