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Joffrey the Bitch, OC x Arya x Harem

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The Sissification of Joffrey Baratheon.


Kinks - Dubcon of Joffrey, Seduction, Domination, Big Cock/Body Worship, Amazonian, Mind-Break, Corruption, Incest, Rough Sex, Small Penis Humiliation, Musk, Cheating, Cuckoldry, CBT on Joffrey (like Ball kicking or boxing), Masculinity Worship,


No war of 5 Kings Joffrey is married to Sansa.


Sansa should be happy being the Queen of the Seven Kingdom and even has friends in Margaery, her Grandmother Olenna, Myrcella and Brienne her Guard there.

But she is unhappy with Joffrey's very small penis 2 inch and unsatisfactory performances in bed. Needing help making a blond child. She recalls her sister Arya and her blond fiance Ser Malxus Lannister Heir of Casterly Rock, and she could remembers that he has a very potent cum as she once saw on Arya's bed.

A thick, white puddle was on it.


Having become clever all her time in King's Landing she approaches Arya not Malxus knowing he would do it if Arya says yes, knowing the deep hatred she still has for Joffrey and she would love to humiliate him. 

Think something truly humilating and Sansa does it to Joffrey and Arya said yes after that. Malxus always hating Joffrey says Yes without any fight.



Arya starts to share Malxus with Sansa (Letting Joffrey clean them up after Malxus has finished inside them.) Sansa invits the one who knows about it to see Joffrey humilated (Making Brienne force Joffrey to suck Malxus off or licks the cum out of their ass), Myrcella and the rest brutally using 8 inch Strap-ons on Joffrey taking out their Anger, The girls force Joffrey to drink their piss.


Get hardcore what humiliation thinks you want Joffrey to do.

In the end Joffrey is a masochist little bitch who was corrupted and mind broken and does whatever Sansa tells him.





Malxus Lannister son of Tywin Lannister



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