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Its getting close to Ichigo's birthday and his girlfriend Orihime was having some trouble deciding what to get him Tatsuki jokingly tells her every guy would love a threesome Orihime thought it was a great idea and after some convincing she got Tatsuki to be the other girl

In Ichigo's POV he just got to Orihime's apartment and when he opened the door he saw Orihime and Tatsuki just wearing lingerie he freaked out seeing Tatsuki was there Orihime told him what his birthday present was and they started afterwards Orihime decided that it wasn't fair and some other girls should join them 

The rest of the story shows Orihime getting other girls to join her and Ichigo

Girls I like to see 


Rukia (you're choice if she's with Renji or not)

Yoruichi however soi fon overheard them and demanded to join them (just so she can finally have sex with Yoruichi)

Yuzu and Karin on their 18 birthday Orihime decided she wanted to join them it started they each get their own chapter then they get a foursome chapter 

If there is anyone else is up to you

Tatsuki has to think Orihime and Ichigo was virgins only to be  surprised to learn they had been had lost it to each other a while ago

Yuzu and Karin have to be virgins 

Orihime has a shared pussy any other girl is up to you if they do or don't

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