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Guest KonekoKitty

Draco/Harry and a Lucius/Harry/Draco HALP!!

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Guest KonekoKitty

I am searching for a couple different Harry Potter slash stories quite some time ago. 


Story one: Due to strange circumstances, Draco is sent to stay summer at the Dursleys with Harry. While there he learns and becomes close to Harry. By time summer is over and they head back to Hogwarts they are both a bit built from working out. Eventually something happens (whispers from the students) and it sets Harty off and in his rage he tells them that if they wish to see what he does in terms of Voldie here you go. He does a spell and the great hall is filled with on of his horrendous visions. Draco rushes over and helps calm him down. (I hope this is enough to go by XD)


Story two: Draco comes into his creature inheritance and surprise it's Harry(bottom). Oddly enough, Dracos friend accept him with open arms and soon learn he came from a house of abuse. The Gryffindors turn against Harry, Ron included and try hurting and attacking him at various times. I do recall that Pansy and the others took Harry out on a shopping trip for new clothes and such. (Sadly, this is all I can clearly recall since it's been a while XD)


Story three: This one is a Lucius/Draco/Harrh creature inheritance story. I believe they are some type of bird-like creature but I don't believe it's Veela since Harry is one as well. So Dumbledore is evil in this story and sees Harry as a powerful weapon to be used. During the whole mating/bonding thing, Harry becomes pregnant (mpreg) and eventually starts to make a nest up in one of Hogwarts towers where he would give birth. It's very secretive and both Malfoys are not allowed to even be near due to Harry being so feral during the process. He has I believe 3 babies and Dumbledore sneaks in and grabs one of the little boys and tries to steal him. He is caught and attacked and the baby is dropped. At first Harry wont accept the child back, but eventually does. I know it ended happily. (That's all I can remember for this one. I hope it'll help someone)


I hope someone out there will be able to help me out in finding these stories again. They were all very good and I've been wanting to read them again!!

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